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Get The Best Insights For Your App Store Optimization Strategies

Within App Radar, you can boost your app store optimization strategies and scale up your app installs by working on your keywords, by finding out how optimized your app is, by localizing your app for several storefronts, and much more. We want you to make the most of your experience with us by using App Radar’s full potential to boost your downloads. That’s why we came up with a new feature that helps you in every step of your App Radar Journey: The App Radar Academy.

app radar app store optimization academy
App Radar Academy - ASO Tips

Get to know each feature of App Radar

Each feature within App Radar has a “Learn” button, and when you press it, you see a short video tutorial about the purpose of that feature and how you can use it. But, now, it’s even easier to learn about our features. You find all our video tutorials in our sidebar, under the App Radar Academy umbrella.

In the Tutorials tab of our App Radar Academy, you will find:

  • Onboarding videos of each feature in App Radar
  • Video tutorials divided by topics
  • Every video has a short description of the presented feature
  • Narrated videos with subtitles
How to use App Radar videos

Become an App Store Optimization Pro

App Radar is a complete tool, which you can use in several ways and for different purposes. Maybe you want to find new keywords, perhaps you want to make changes in your metadata for various locations at once, or maybe you want to find out more about your competitors’ strategies. It doesn’t matter what you want to do. We are here for you, and we want to provide you with all the support that we can so that you achieve your set goals. That’s why under the App Radar Academy umbrella, you will find our Optimization Tips.

In our Optimization tips, we go through different tips and tricks on how to optimize your app by using App Radar. Every month a new video comes live with a brand new tip for you. You can already get insights from our new feature. We have already filled it up with a complete video of how to do your first App Store Optimization update, as well as tips on how to decide which keywords you should remove from your metadata, and also on how to get keywords ideas.

App Store Optimization Tips and Tricks

In the Optimization Tips of our App Radar Academy, you will find:

  • Hands-on videos about how to use App Radar
  • Tips and hacks to build your ASO strategy
  • Video Transcripts
  • Subtitled videos

Check out the App Radar Academy

Everybody that has an App Radar account always has access to our Tutorials e Optimization Tips videos. For each new feature, you can check out our Tutorials tab to learn more about it. And every month, there is a new powerful Optimization tip for you.

Have you got any suggestions or specific tips that you would like to see in our academy? Shoot us a message to [email protected]. We are always working to bring your app to the top of the game. Keep Optimizing.

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