App Marketing with AI

Sip on your coffee while AI takes care of your tasks

app marketing with ai

Don’t stress about new technology taking over your job. Instead, use the power of AI to save time on daily tasks and focus more on strategic decisions. With AI-powered App Radar’s features, you stay ahead of the app marketing game and outperform those who rely on outdated methods.

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Hard facts about mobile app marketing

3.5 billion

smartphone users globally

205 apps

of the top 1000 are updated on Google Play Store every week


of iOS apps are updated on Apple App Store every year

The numbers are clear, app marketing demands significant time and effort to stay ahead of the competition.

But no worries, App Radar has got your back with our awesome AI feature set!

Effortlessly accomplish more with AI-powered App Growth Platform

With AI App Review Summaries, finding the strengths and weaknesses of my clients (and their competitors) apps has become an easy task! It delivers the ChatGPT outputs I’m used to, in a fast and convenient way. The great starting point for ads, copy and screenshot ideation directly from App Radar’s UI!

Marcus Burke
Independent App Growth Consultant
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I save 90% of the time for app updates thanks to features like the Store Listing Bulk Editor. I can now update our games’ store listings for several languages every week.

Juliane Besler
Marketing Manager, Kolibri Games
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App Radar’s ASO Tool is really helping me out! It’s an easy platform to get insights and recommendations to improve our rankings. I’ve only put a little effort into ASO so far, but it already pays off!

Automate your app marketing work and experience the power of App Radar

Optimize your app Review Management with AI Review Replies

  • Dramatically reduce response time and save hours with AI replies and centralised review management, powered by GPT-4

  • Easily communicate with your global audience by accurately translating and replying to reviews in various languages

  • Improve brand image with consistent and automated review management

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Gain insights from competitor’s app reviews with AI Review Summaries

  • Get review summaries of any app on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store
  • Gain app users’ insights in a particular timeframe from any of the regions in English
  • Schedule weekly or monthly reviews summaries of any app
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Write high-converting ad copy for mobile apps with Ad Copy Generator

  • Effortlessly customize ad copies for specific target audience, feature highlight or tone of voice

  • Save time not thinking about character limits, ads tone, and emojis

  • Get AI-generated ad headlines and descriptions for Google Ads & Meta Ads

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Benefit from AI-powered ASO Recommendations

  • Discover how to optimize your app across different countries
  • Get AI-powered suggestions on how to improve your app store listing
  • Know where to begin with recommendations from the highest to the lowest priority
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Uncover top keywords with AI Tracking Suggestions

  • Get AI-suggested keywords for your app metadata

  • Discover winning keywords for 70+ countries

  • Browse through App Radar’s comprehensive keyword database

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