Leveraging Seasonality for More App Downloads

Several app niches, such as fitness, get seriously impacted by seasonal trends. Other categories, like retail, are influenced by trends in general. Let’s find out how you can leverage seasonality to get more app downloads. 

seasonality in the app industry

There’s a small difference between a trend and something seasonal. A seasonal effect is a trend that happens every year at the same time. While a trend, on its own, depends on what is happening in society and changes people's preferences. 

Here’s an example. 

A large seasonal trend is the fitness and wellness kick that everyone gets into at the beginning of the year as a result of new year resolutions. 

A trend, in general, is the revival of 90s fashion that’s currently happening now. Another trend the app industry experienced a couple years ago was the instant rise of hyper casual games. 

The best way to keep up with trends and seasonality is to integrate it into your App Store Optimization strategy. You should update your keywords and also app store listing visuals in order to reflect upcoming trends and seasons. 

We’re going to use the fitness app, Sweat by Kayla. As mentioned above, fitness becomes a big topic during the New Year season. Many fitness apps will take this opportunity to boost downloads by pushing out more marketing campaigns. Sweat definitely didn’t underestimate this. 

They updated their app store listing to include keywords that mentioned the new year and fitness resolutions. 

sweat app new years 1
The Sweat app updated their app store listing to boost downloads during the new year
Source: App Radar App Store Optimization tool

Aside from keywords, you should also consider updating your app store listing visuals for trends and seasonality. Staying up to date with current events is also a factor.

The Sweat app is pushing their free trial right now because Covid-19 is causing people to stay home and social distance. They also introduced more at-home and apartment friendly workouts and highlight this in the updated screenshots.

sweat app free trial 1024x431 1
Sweat app emphasizes their free trial by highlighting it in the first screenshot
Source: Sweat on App Radar

In addition, many people like to see apps celebrating holidays. This strategy works extremely well for games. You can implement a holiday themed app icon and app screenshots. But, it doesn’t stop there. You can also introduce new features or items in your game that correlate to the holiday. People will like the nice surprise and share it with their friends. 

Keeping Track of Boosts in App Downloads

To check if your App Store Optimization updates for trends and seasonality are working, track your app metrics in App Radar. This includes impressions, store views, downloads, and revenue.

App Store and Google Play will feature apps that align with upcoming seasons and holidays. Updating your app according to seasonality may get your app featured, boosting downloads and revenue. 

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