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Updating your app store listings has never been easier. Find the right users with intuitive App Store Optimization and our easy-to-understand interface. Learn everything you need to know about boosting organic app growth.

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App Store Optimization can be difficult to understand. App Radar makes App Store Optimization and growing your apps easy. Begin with our tutorials to learn the basics of App Store Optimization. Use our database of more than 25 million keywords to find the best ones for you. Partner with our team to set up your launch and growth strategies.
  • Get started with options that fit your needs
  • User friendly interface and intuitive features
  • Built for teams like yours

How App Radar can help you

Get affordable tools that help launch and grow your apps. Learn as you go with our App Store Optimization tutorials. Trusted by startups worldwide.

Get started with options that fit your needs

Flexible pricing plan
Whether you're looking for a keyword research or app management tool, there's a plan that fits your budget and needs. Then upgrade as you grow.
Free App Store Optimization tutorials
Learn how to do App Store Optimization with our free tutorials. Put what you learn into practice. Use App Radar to find relevant keywords and track your app store rankings.
Fast support from our expert team
Partner with us to create a custom launch and growth strategy that's right for your app. Join us in a workshop to learn everything there is to know about organic and paid user acquisition that work.

User-friendly interface and intuitive features

Easy to understand tool paired with tutorials
App Radar's interface was designed for everyone in the app industry. It's easy to understand and intuitive to navigate. Every feature comes with video tutorial to help you maximize the benefits.
A clear overview of your app
View everything about your app in one simple dashboard. See what keywords you're ranking for, which countries your featured in, and if you're ranking in the category charts.
Integrated with App Store and Google Play
Find keywords, edit app information, upload screenshots and more. Then publish changes made directly to App Store and Google Play.

Built for teams like yours

Add team members and start collaborating
App Radar supports your entire app management workflow. Developers, designers, publishers, and marketers on your team can all use App Radar to make their tasks more efficient.
Upgrade as you grow
Your App Radar plan can grow with you. Unlock features and increase keyword limits when you need them. Our team is constantly developing new features to make App Store Optimization even easier.
Learn and become successful together
Let our app growth experts guide you through the entire launch, optimization, and growth process. We'll build a solid strategy that your team can follow and you'll get our support along the way.

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