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App Radar helps you understand which factors influence your keyword rankings and conversion rates in App Store and Google Play. Our database of more than 25 million keywords makes tracking all of your app store rankings a breeze.

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Have confidence in your App Store Optimization strategy

Successful App Store Optimization involves using the right keywords that bring in high-quality users. App Radar enables you to identify the keywords your app is ranking for and compare them to competitors' keywords. Ensure your keywords are cultivating sustainable growth by tracking your app metrics.
  • Analyze your app store rankings
  • Gain valuable insights about your competitors
  • Reveal growth potential with app analytics

How App Radar can help you

Powered by a database of more than 25 million keywords, App Radar helps you find the right keywords that drive quality traffic to your app.

Analyze your app store rankings

Find the right keywords for your app
Find and track keywords that are trending in App Store and Google Play. See which keywords your competitors are using in different countries. Auto-Translate keywords from unfamiliar languages to English. Get search volume, difficulty, and ranking for each keyword.
Monitor changes in app store ranking
Easily track your app store rank and visualize any changes. Identify which keywords increase your ranking, downloads, and revenue.
Produce real-time app store keyword rankings
Keywords determine app store rank and how apps are discovered. See your ranking for App Store and Google Play in real-time.

Gain valuable insights about your competitors

Know when you outrank competitor apps
Get the keywords your competitor apps are already ranking for. See if you outrank the competition for priority keywords. Discover which keywords are branded or owned by competitors. Analyze the keyword strategies of your competitor apps. Start outranking the competition.
Analyze competitor app store visuals
Easily compare competitor app icons, app screenshots, app previews or promo videos. Discover how your competitor localizes visual elements in different countries. Analyze app store visuals and ratings for a specific country in one dashboard.
See when and where they were featured
Track when and where your competitors are featured in Google Play and App Store. Discover how popular the competition is in countries you want to expand into.

Reveal growth potential with app analytics

Get easy-to-understand app analytics
Quickly identify areas of improvement with easy-to-understand app analytics. See how your app impressions, downloads, and revenues compare across countries and traffic sources.
Find out where your app users are coming from
Discover which countries and traffic channels best convert new users. Pinpoint app updates that had a postive impact on app growth. Learn which app marketing strategies work the best for your app.
Work with AI-powered App Store Optimization
Leave the guesswork behind. Level up your app growth with AI-powered recommendations. App Radar will evaluate your app and provide personalized suggestions on how to increase app store rankings.

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