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Looking for ways to dominate the search results in the app stores? App Radar’s Keyword Intelligence features got your back! Find new app keyword opportunities, track your keyword rankings, and monitor your mobile app performance. Use smart insights to decide which keywords to focus on for your desired app results. All in one platform – it doesn’t get any better than that!

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It is not a secret that getting to the top of mobile search results and finding new app keywords are challenging in a competitive market. But no worries, we’ve got you covered!

Find keywords that will drive app downloads with a trusted and affordable platform

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App Radar provides us with detailed information that helps us analyze how we can optimize app store listings and improve the visibility of our games. It is a rich and user-friendly tool that helps us make data-driven marketing decisions.

Nerea Yurrebaso
Marketing Manager at Tellmewow
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App Radar helped us improve our game's ASO over a multitude of countries and languages greatly improving organic downloads with a much appreciated professionalism.

Alex Le Mieux
Product Manager Mobile, Plug In Digital
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Rolling out your app to the world sometimes lets you lose sight of which markets to focus on. The App Radar Optimization Score really helps us keep an overview and set priorities.

Alexander Marktl
CEO, iTranslate
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Grow your app to the top of the search results with App Radar’s help


Easily find and prioritize new keywords that will drive organic mobile app downloads.

Track and analyze keyword performance with App Radar’s Keyword Intelligence tool.

How to prioritize keywords that will drive organic downloads on your Android or iOS app

  • Use the search volume metric to understand how often a keyword is searched for in the app stores
  • Check the difficulty value of target keywords with lower competition and higher chances of ranking for 
  • Monitor keywords with the app keyword ranking checker and try to focus on keywords that you already rank for 
  • Keep your keywords backlog organized by clustering them by tags based on your needs
  • Benefit from AI-powered App Store Optimization recommendations that will help you get more visibility
Check out Keyword Tracking
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How to find new keywords for your Android and iOS app or game

  • Check keywords that you are already ranking for 
  • Get keyword inspiration with auto-complete search suggestions 
  • Discover keywords that are currently trending in a specific country  
  • Get AI-suggested keywords and browse through App Radar’s comprehensive keyword database
  • Auto-translate keywords from any language to English 
Check out Keyword Rankings & Keyword Finder
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How to unleash competitor's keyword strategies

  • Identify organic keywords of your competitors with our app store ranking tracker
  • Spot which competitor is most aggressive on specific keywords
  • Detect your or competitors’ unique keywords
  • Discover which keywords your competitors are using most frequently in their metadata descriptions
  • Track your keyword ranking progress against your competitor’s to see who is ahead in the race
Check out Competitor Keywords & Metadata Explorer
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How to get keyword inspiration from competitors’ ad strategies

  • Find out which keywords your competitors are running ads on in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store powered by our AI
  • Identify the top bidders for each keyword in every language 
  • Discover which apps get the highest ad visibility per country 
  • Understand if top bidders also have the highest organic app keyword ranking
  • Analyze the correlation between ads and organic app keyword rankings
Check out Ads Insights
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How to analyze keyword performance

  • Analyze which keywords you started and stopped ranking for 
  • Monitor app rankings with the most significant ranking increase or decrease
  • Track your keyword ranking progress over time 
  • Monitor if users are searching less for a keyword during specific times of the year 
  • Stay up to date with performance reports in your inbox
Check out Keyword Tracking & Rankings
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How to solve the mystery of organic app visibility

  • Understand how much app visibility your app gets organically
  • Measure the real impact of your ASO efforts on your app visibility
  • Compare your app visibility with competitors
  • Identify if app localization efforts lead to a higher visibility
  • Use forecasts to predict how much visibility you will get in the next days
Check out Search Visibility Score
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Start your efficient keyword strategy
with these questions already answered

Why is it important to have a solid app keyword strategy?
How will people find your app if they don't even know it exists? That's where keywords come in. By targeting the right keywords, you can ensure that your app appears in front of potential users when they search for keywords that describe something your app can offer. That's why constant keyword optimization of your app store listing will bring more downloads and success to your app business!
How can I find keywords for my mobile app or game?
Start with a brainstorming session and track all the keywords you can think of that relate to your app or game. Use App Radar's Keyword Intelligence feature to quickly and easily find new keywords across different countries to improve your ASO. Analyze your keyword rankings, get inspiration from competitors' ASO & ad strategies, benefit from AI-powered suggestions, and more.
Which keywords should I focus on?
Choosing which keywords to focus on can seem challenging, given the enormous amount of available keywords. But don't worry! App Radar's Keyword Intelligence features help you make an informed decision about which keywords to focus on. It gives you insights into which keywords are most challenging to rank on, provides information about how often a keyword is searched in the stores, and shows you the current ranking. This way, you can choose keywords that you have a chance of ranking for and those that are likely to bring in a reasonable amount of traffic.
How can I boost my app's keyword rankings?
Start with keyword research. Add relevant keywords that you and your competitors are ranking on to your tracking list. Enhance your keyword list with autocomplete and tracking suggestions. Then choose your target keyword based on your current rank, search volume, difficulty, and relevancy. Last but not least: put the keywords you want to target in your store listing's metadata.
Why does my app not rank for a keyword that I targeted?
If you're wondering why your app doesn't rank for a keyword you targeted, there could be a few different reasons. If you're trying to rank for a highly competitive keyword, it will take a lot of work to outrank established apps that have been around for a while and have built up a strong presence in search results. In this case, it's often best to focus on other, less competitive keywords. Another reason could be that the keywords you're targeting need to be more relevant to your app. In this case, revisit your keyword list and ensure you're targeting relevant keywords that reflect what your app offers. Finally, the algorithm needs more time to categorize your app. Remember to give the algorithm at least 3-4 weeks before taking any proper conclusions.
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