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App Radar helps you reach app success. Find profitable keywords, edit app localizations, upload app screenshots, reply to reviews, monitor app metrics, and analyze competitors. Your all-in-one platform and services for efficient app growth.

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Expand into new markets and reach global app users

App management and growth can get confusing when it involves manual work and various people. App Radar is your all-in-one tool where you can add new localizations, find keywords in local languages, and edit every locale. When you need more, work with our expansion team to launch your apps worldwide.
  • Customizable plans that fit your needs
  • Built for teams of all sizes
  • One platform for all of your apps

How App Radar can help you

Achieve app success with our ASO, advertising, and app management tools and services. Grow your mobile app portfolios with ease.

Customizable plans that fit your needs

Get a personalized solution for ultimate success
Our pricing plans are flexible and accommodate your budget and needs. We understand that every brand has different priorities. We'll work with you to ensure that you have the right tools for growth.
Acquire app marketing know-how with workshops
Need help with App Store Optimization, App Marketing, or App Advertising? Our interactive workshops, led by app growth experts, give your team the know-how they need to excel in the app industry.
Leave the global expansion to us
Take the stress out of entering new markets. Let us create and implement a custom expansion plan that delivers results. Gain knowledge about regional preferences and local tactics that work.

Built for teams of all sizes

Made for your entire app team
Every member of your app management team, from developers to marketers, will benefit from using App Radar's tools. Work with reliable and accurate data that gives valuable insights.
Get clear and concise reporting
Create simple and easy to understand reports that can be shared amongst your global teams and offices. Ensure that everyone is on the same page when expanding to new markets.
Control what each team member sees
Add team members to your account. Control who has access. Quickly allow more or restrict access. Enable third-party translators to upload localized keywords, app information, and screenshots.

One platform for all of your apps

App Store and Google Play Integration
Edit and manage your iOS and Android apps in App Radar. Then publish the changes directly to App Store and Google Play. Track which updates caused spikes in growth to replicate it in the future.
Comprehensive dashboard with all of your apps
View everything about your app in one simple dashboard. See what keywords you're ranking for, which countries your featured in, and if you're ranking in the category charts.
App success across multiple countries
Evaluate your global app expansion. Compare conversion rates across countries and traffic sources. Identify where improvements have to be made. Follow region specific trends and top chart movements.

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