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Are you spending hours updating your app store listing? There is a smarter and more affordable way! App Radar is your one-stop tool for App Store Optimization. With unified data insights and fast ASO updates across countries, you can save time and money while updating your app store listing for maximum downloads and revenue!

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Hard facts about App Store Optimization updates

5 Million

apps available on the major app stores

205 apps

of the top 1000 are updated on Google Play Store every week


of iOS apps are updated on Apple App Store every year

The numbers are clear, app marketers are constantly working on app optimization to stand out in the highly competitive app business.

But don’t worry, we know how to help you to do more in less time!

Use your time to make a difference! Optimize and localize your app quickly on one reliable and affordable platform.

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“I save 90% of time for App updates thanks to features like the Store Listing Bulk Editor. I can now update our games’ store listings for several languages every week.”

Juliane Besler
Marketing Manager, Kolibri Games
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“Store Listing Editor is the best way to update metadata for a large portfolio of apps. With a Bulk Editor, localizing metadata to multiple locations doesn't take much time anymore. These features are easy-to-use and make managing the app portfolio much simpler!”

Florian Baumgartner
Marketing Manager, Happy Games
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“App Radar helped us improve our game's ASO over a multitude of countries and languages greatly improving organic downloads with a much appreciated professionalism.”

Alex Le Mieux
Product Manager Mobile, Plug In Digital


Access all your app store listing data with one click. Find the right keywords, get personalized tips, and implement them in your next ASO update in one place. 

How to find high-priority keywords

  • Focus on keywords that you are already ranking for and compare the performance with competitor rankings 
  • Spot which competitor is most aggressive on certain keywords, or detect your or competitors’ unique keywords
  • Get keyword inspiration with auto-complete search suggestions 
  • Discover keywords that are currently trending in a specific country  
  • Browse through App Radar’s comprehensive keyword database and get AI-based keyword inspiration
Check out Keyword Features
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How to develop a high performing app store listing

  • Discover how to optimize your app across different countries with a personalized App Store Optimization Score 
  • Benefit from AI-powered App Store Optimization recommendations that will help you get more visibility
  • Know where to begin with suggestions from the lowest to the highest priority
  • Get creatives inspiration from competitors across various countries
  • Identify which updates impacted app growth and replicate successful strategies
Check out ASO Score
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How to automate your App Store Optimization workflow in Google Play Store and Apple App Store

  • Edit and optimize your app store listings for various countries on one page
  • Update metadata directly in App Radar without login into Google Play Console or App Store Connect
  • Get inspiration from competitor’s metadata texts
  • Preview your metadata changes before putting them live
  • iOS special: create a new app version directly from App Radar without logging into App Store Connect
Check out Store Listing Editor & Bulk Editor
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How to analyze the impact of your App Store Optimization update

  • Monitor how store views and installs evolve after an update 
  • Analyze which impact your update had on keyword rankings 
  • Keep track of the effect on conversion rates 
  • Understand the correlation between organic and paid user acquisition 
  • Take other impact factors such as crash rates into consideration and see the bigger picture in one single tool
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Kickstart your efficient ASO update
with these questions already answered

Why is it important to automate your ASO workflow?
If you're like most app marketers and developers, you're always looking for ways to save time and money, while increasing your app installs and revenue. With App Radar’s efficient ASO workflows, you can update your store listing in the blink of an eye. With unified data insights and fast ASO updates across countries, you can maximize your downloads and revenue with ease.
When to do App Store Optimization updates?
The frequency of your ASO updates will depend on a number of factors, including the majority of your app, the size of your app portfolio, the rate of change of the app store algorithms, and the competitive landscape. The general recommendation is to update your store listing every 1-2 months. Experiment regularly with different tactics and track your results to see what works best for driving installs and improving your keyword rankings.
How to research keywords for ASO?
Start with a brainstorming session and track all the keywords you can think of that relate to your app or game. Use App Radar’s Keyword Intelligence feature to quickly and easily find new keywords across different countries to improve your ASO. Analyze your own keyword rankings, get inspiration from competitors’ ASO & ad strategies, benefit from AI-powered suggestions and more.
When ASO will start bringing results?
After you put an ASO Update live, the stores need time to pick up your changes. Usually, the Google Play Store tends to take a bit longer compared to the Apple App Store, where you should see results faster. As a thumb role, you should give the algorithm at least 3-4 weeks to draw proper conclusions about the ASO performance. Remember to be patient and keep optimizing!
How do I measure app performance?
When looking at your app's growth, it's important to track metrics like installs and conversion rates across countries and traffic sources. It would be best if you also kept an eye on your keyword rankings. Remember to include other essential factors in your analysis, such as ASO updates, app releases, advertising efforts, app health metrics, ratings & reviews, featurings, and category rankings.
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