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Looking to get a leg up on the competition? App Radar’s Market Intelligence got you covered! Conduct in-depth competitor research to analyze the current market situation, identify winning patterns in competitor performance and apply them to your app marketing strategy. Stay up to date with market trends and one step ahead of your app competitors with AI-powered features.

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Hard facts about app market research

3.5 billion

smartphone users globally

5 Million

apps available on the major app stores

$118.4 billion

spent on app install campaigns in 2022

The numbers speak for themselves, how strong the competition in the app market is.

But no worries, we know how to deal with it!

Make the right app marketing decisions with a trusted and affordable platform

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“App Radar's Market Intelligence product is an invaluable source of market insight. From App Radar's platform, we can quickly and easily see how apps are performing across a huge range of categories. Different apps are simple to compare on the intuitive UI and, thanks to years of historical data, it is easy to see long-term trends. It's perfect for any business that wants to undertake deep market research, see how their competitors are performing or use app downloads to better understand wider customer behaviour.”

Robert Bownes
CEO of Old Street Communications
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“The Competitor Creatives feature provides an in-depth look at other app companies' featured images, videos, icons, and screenshots. It helps us quickly analyze competitors' store listing visuals and get motivation for our own creatives optimization.”

Florian Baumgartner
Marketing Manager, Happy Games
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“Rolling out your app to the world sometimes lets you lose sight of which markets to focus on. The App Radar Optimization Score really helps us keep an overview and set priorities.”

Alexander Marktl
CEO, iTranslate
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Stand out in a crowd of app competitors with App Radar help


Easily bring your app market and competitors’ data together with App Radar’s Market Intelligence

NEW 🔥: How to Uncover Top-Performing Visual Strategies

  • Find inspiration from top iOS apps with the App Creatives Library to fuel your ASO strategies.
  • Uncover app market creative trends across various categories and countries.
  • Gain insights for seasonal events, updates, promotions, and more by exploring running in-app events.
  • See how videos and screenshots, including poster frames, are presented in the App Store.
  • Turn insights into actionable strategies that make your iOS app stand out.
Check out App Creatives Library
App Creative Library

How to gain insights from competitor’s app reviews

  • Get AI Review Summaries of competitors’ apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store 
  • Quickly uncover user thoughts about competitor apps
  • Gain app users’ insights for a particular timeframe
  • Schedule weekly or monthly reviews summaries of competitors’ apps 
  • Obtain competitors’ review summaries in English from any of the regions
Check out AI Review Summaries
ai review sumamries app radar feature

How to identify your mobile app market position across countries

  • Compare your app store performance against competitors
  • Spot new competitors based on AI-powered suggestions 
  • Understand if competitors focus on organic or paid user acquisition
  • Monitor who is getting the highest rating and store visibility
  • Analyze competitors’ store listing creatives in one dashboard
Check out Competitor Overview
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How to discover emerging players and competitive threats

  • Stay ahead of the competition by monitoring new players entering the market
  • Monitor global downloads of any app or developer and compare it with your performance
  • Identify which apps and developers are leading per category
  • Spot new potential competitors based on download growth data
  • Analyze fluctuations in downloads and see if your category experiences similar peaks or drops over time
Check out App Downloads & Download Trends
download trends

How to analyze category rankings and uncover app & game trends

  • Identify countries in which competitors have a strong presence in your category
  • Compare who is gaining popularity in your category over time
  • Understand the impact of category rankings on your Browse Traffic
  • Identify market trends and patterns for any app category in Apple App Store & Google Play Store
  • Discover potential new markets to target your app
Check out Category Rankings
category rankings

How to stay ahead of the curve with featured apps insights

  • Discover where competitor’s app and yours have been featured
  • Track when your competitor’s app has been featured
  • Compare the performance with competitors across countries
  • Understand the impact of featuring on your Browse Traffic
  • Set up featuring alerts to be notified when your app’s visibility increases or decreases
Check out App Featurings
app featurings

How to uncover competitors' ASO strategies

  • Spy on competitors’ App Store Optimization activities
  • Check when your competitors have made new metadata and creative updates
  • Track competitors’ in-app events and monitor their effects on app visibility and user engagement
  • Focus on specific markets with the country filter or view global changes
  • Analyze the impact of implemented changes by checking the increase or decrease in downloads
  • Get inspired by competitors and adjust your findings to your app growth strategy
Check App Timeline on your Competitors
app timeline feature 2 (2)

How to use competitor keywords for your own ASO strategy

  • Identify and track your competitor’s keywords
  • Compare the performance of your tracked keywords with competitors
  • Spot which competitor is most aggressive on specific keywords
  • Detect your or competitors’ unique keywords
  • Find out which keywords competitors use and how often in the metadata description


Check out Competitor Keywords & Metadata Explorer
competitor keywords & metadata explorer

How to unleash competitors’ ad strategies

  • Check the keywords your competitors are running ads on in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Identify top bidders per keyword for every language
  • Spot which competitors have the highest ad spend per keyword
  • Discover which apps get the highest ad visibility per country
  • Compare your app ad strategy with competitors
Check Ads Insights
search ads insights

Unlock data to answer these questions

Why is it important to conduct app market research?
The app market is growing fast, new competitors arise, and existing ones change their strategies. You need to know who you compete with and how you stand against competitors. See what's working for competitors and get inspiration for your app marketing strategy. Conducting market research provides important information about your market and your business landscape.
When to do app market research?
If you want to stay ahead of the competition, it's essential to conduct regular market research. It gives you an understanding of the latest trends and market changes and helps you adapt your app marketing strategy accordingly. Conduct app market research: - before launching an app - when entering new markets - when choosing an app category - to find a new keyword set - to get creatives inspiration - when analyzing app traffic changes.
What are my app's competitors?
There are a few different ways to find relevant competitors for mobile app. One is to search for similar apps in the app store. It can be done by searching for keywords related to the app's functionality. Another way to find competitors is to look at other popular apps in the same category. Competitors could also be identified based on their amount of downloads.
How do I research the market for mobile app?
Try to understand your market position across countries. Discover emerging players and competitive threats based on download amounts compared to your performance. By looking at the category rankings, you get an idea of which apps & games are popular per country. Uncover competitors' ASO strategies and adjust your strategy accordingly. Unleash competitors' ad strategies and discover which apps get the highest ad visibility per country.
How can I spy on my app competitors?
Use the right tool! App Radar's Market Intelligence features help you to conduct in-depth competitor research to analyze the current market situation. You can identify the winning patterns across the market and apply them to your app marketing strategy. Get the edge you need to beat your competition!
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