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App Radar equips your team with the data-driven tools you need to boost app growth for your clients. Monitor app store ranking, uncover competitor strategies, and implement effective keywords.

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The all-in-one platform to manage your clients' app portfolios

Managing large app portfolios can become tedious. App Radar gives you the all-in-one app management and App Store Optimization platform you need. Add your clients to your account. Gain access to insightful and reliable data through our API.
  • App Intelligence powered by reliable data
  • Efficient and easy-to-use workflow
  • Tailored solutions for your team

How App Radar can help you

We work with App Marketing agencies around the world and help them achieve app growth results that go above and beyond.

App Intelligence powered by reliable data

Benefit from 1 trillion data points
Our extensive database contains more than 1 trillion app market data points. Powered by in-house AI, our tools constantly evolve with the rapidly advancing mobile app industry.
Give your clients data they can trust
Have confidence in the work that you deliver to your clients. Provide them with insightful and high-quality reports. With our API and tools, you'll always be working with reliable data that is up-to-date.
Benefit from a system that is ever evolving
Our in-house AI ensures that our app intelligence is forever evolving and learning. We shift with the advancing app markets. Our data ensures that you're always staying ahead.

Efficient and easy-to-use workflow

Give your clients' selective access
App Radar provides you with secure options to add clients to your account and to manage their access rights. Enable your clients to view essential app information and their app reports.
Save time managing multiple accounts
Switching back and forth between mulitple dashboards and consoles becomes tedious. With App Radar, you can manage all of your client accounts in a single platform.
Provide clear and concise reporting
Create simple and easy to understand reports that can be shared with your clients. Ensure that everyone is aligned. Stay organized when providing clients with campaign reports.

Tailored solutions for your team

Get customized solutions that match your needs
Work with us to create a customized solution that matches your agency's needs. We ensure that all solutions are tailor made to satisfy not only your requirements but also those of your clients.
Partner with our app growth experts
Collaborate with us for clients who want more. Our expert team offers App Store Optimization and App Store Advertising services. Get app growth results that exceed client expectations.
Learn with personalized workshops
Ensure your team has the knowledge needed to guarantee app success for clients. Participate in our interactive workshops that equip you with App Store Optimization and App Advertising know-how.

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