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Looking for ways to improve your apps’ ratings and reviews across countries efficiently? App Radar’s AI-powered Ratings & Reviews Management features help you quickly and easily analyze reviews across countries and stores. Quickly uncover what users think about your app with AI-powered features, and save time responding to reviews with predefined or custom templates. Get notified whenever your app gets a new review and filter reviews so that you can address the most critical issues first.

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Hard facts about app ratings and reviews

90 %

of users consider star ratings as an essential part of app evaluation

79 %

of users check ratings & reviews before downloading new app

71 %

of users say a 4 & 5-star app store rating positively impacts their view of a brand

It’s no secret that users rely on ratings and reviews in order to decide whether to download an app.

App Radar’s Ratings & Review Management is here to make engaging with your users and improving your app’s rating a breeze.

Speed up your app ratings and review management with easy workflows


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We find App Radar to be the most convenient tool for app review management! It allows us to manage app reviews on Google Play Store and Apple App Store in one place, use templates and tags to save time and increase efficiency.

Romano Pravdic
CEO at Cashews Finance

With AI App Review Summaries, finding the strengths and weaknesses of my clients (and their competitors) apps has become an easy task! It delivers
the ChatGPT outputs I’m used to, in a fast and convenient way. A great starting point for ads, copy and screenshot ideation directly from App Radar’s UI!

Marcus Burke
App Growth Consultant
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App Radar is a great tool that helps us to answer the reviews about our client's app, which is important to keep their satisfaction at high levels and understand possible problems. App Radar is easy to use and has a good cost-benefit.

Carolina Canossa
Manager at Bites

Easily manage your app reputation with optimized user feedback workflows


Turn your app ratings and reviews into your competitive advantage with App Radar’s help



NEW: How to automate app review management?

  • Generate AI Replies to save your time or delegate review replies to AI Auto Reply
  • Be more efficient with centralized Google Play and App Store Review Management Tool
  • Easily communicate with a global audience by accurately generated replies to reviews in various languages
  • Improve app brand image with personalized AI Replies powered by GPT-4
  • Track your team’s response time and keep an eye on unanswered reviews
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How to quickly gain insights from tons of app reviews

  • Get AI Review Summaries of any app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store 
  • Quickly uncover user thoughts about your or your competitor’s apps
  • Gain app users’ insights for a particular timeframe
  • Schedule weekly or monthly reviews summaries of any app 
  • Obtain review summaries in English from any of the regions
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How to efficiently analyze Android and iOS ratings and reviews

  • Analyze your average apps’ ratings across different countries
  • Keep track of the growth rate of your app’s rating 
  • Identify countries that need rating improvement 
  • Monitor how many ratings your app receives globally
  • Understand how many new ratings your app got compared to last month 
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How to save time and resources for answering reviews

  • Manage your Apple App Store and Google Play Store reviews in one place and respond in just one click
  • Save time answering app reviews with pre-made templates
  • Create your customized templates across different languages 
  • Auto-translate reviews from any language to English 
  • Get notified when you receive new reviews and react to user feedback faster 
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How to build app features your customers will love

  • Create customized tags for all types of feedback
  • Structure your app reviews based on the different types of feedback your app is receiving
  • Uncover important product improvement insights
  • Identify feature requests, bugs, and UX problems in your app review analysis
  • Filter your reviews and understand if any feedback is due to a specific app version or country
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Start your efficient app store review management
with these questions already answered

Why are ratings and reviews crucial for your app's success?
Your average app's star rating is a crucial metric for users, your product team, and the store's algorithm. People rely on ratings & reviews as social proof that they are downloading a high-quality app. Higher ratings will encourage more people to download and use your app, whereas lower ratings will lead to the opposite motivation. Additionally, a low star rating signals to the algorithm that users are not happy with your in-app experience. As a result, your visibility in the stores will be limited.
Why is answering app reviews important?
Answering user feedback will show that you care about their opinion. In other words, it is your moment to convince them that it might be worth changing the rating to a better one. Remember that users can change their rating at any time, so why not use it to show them it's worth it?
Why is analyzing reviews important?
The review section is an excellent source of feedback from the user base. Analyzing user reviews can uncover important product improvement insights and helps to identify feature requests, bugs, and UX problems in your app.
How can you improve your app's star rating?
Ensure you engage with your users by answering their feedback. It will show that you care about their opinion. When answering reviews, remember to: Offer solutions for the problems of your user base. Update your review answer once a bug is fixed. Try to focus on answering all 1-3 star ratings first. Answer reviews in the local language. And remember to analyze reviews and report them to your product team.
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