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Users rely on app reviews as social proof that they’re downloading a quality app. Make a good first impression and also build a loyal community by replying to user reviews. Find bugs to fix and gather feature requests directly from your users.

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Why ratings and reviews are crucial to app success

Getting positive ratings and reviews plays an important role for successful app marketing strategy. People tend to read at least one review before they install an app and won't even consider downloading an app with 3-stars or less. Ratings and reviews also influence your app store rank.
  • Get feature ideas and feedback from your users
  • Increase productivity with reply templates
  • Improve app ratings to increase conversion

How App Radar can help you

Reply to user reviews. Use reply templates for efficiency. Get notified when you receive new reviews. Increase user engagement and get ideas for new features.

Get feature ideas and feedback from your users

Find new feature ideas and quickly identify bugs
Make sure your users feel listened to by taking note of the features they're requesting. By reading reviews you'll quickly identify bugs that your users are experiencing. Users abandon buggy apps.
Reply to reviews in an organized way
Get structured in the way you analyze user feedback. Filter your reviews to tackle the most critical ones first. Compare how app reviews and ratings differ among countries, time periods, and app versions.
Never miss a chance to talk to your users
Get notified when your app gets new user reviews. Always take advantage of the opportunity to talk to your users. Use their feedback to build an app they love.

Increase Productivity with Reply Templates

Show your users that you care
Make sure your users feel listened to by responding to their reviews. People who leave a negative review are likely to change it to positive one after getting a response.
Create your own reply templates
Strengthen your app brand by creating reply templates. Keep true to your brand voice and tone. Reflect that style in every developer response you provide to achieve consistency.
Save past replies that were well received
You'll never have to rewrite the same responses over and over again. Quickly save past replies as a template and use them whenever you need. Get back to productivity.

Improve app ratings to increase conversion

Make a good first impression
People are more likely to download apps with higher average star ratings. Follow how your ratings evolve to ensure you're moving in the right direction.
Track new star ratings your app gets
Have a simple overview of the ratings your app gets daily. Increases in app ratings means that your review prompts are working well. More positive ratings show that users are enjoying your app.
Stay on top of new app reviews
Never miss the chance to talk to your users. Receive alerts in your inbox whenever your app gets a user review. Then respond promptly to keep your users happy.

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