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Practice App Store Optimization and scale app rankings
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  • What’s included: 

  • 15+ Keywords Features

  • Conversion Rate Analysis

  • Bulk ASO Updates

  • AI Recommendations

  • Ratings & Reviews Management

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Maximize your app downloads with AI, ASO and Ads
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  • Includes ASO features, plus:

  • Dedicated Success Manager

    Customer success manager checks-in with you in quarterly calls on your tool goals, progress and how App Radar can support you in reaching your targets.
  • Ads Performance 

    Keep track of your Google App Campaign & Apple Search Ads performance and identify growth potential per country and campaign.
  • Keyword Insights 

    Understand the impact of Apple Search Ads on organic keyword rankings.
  • AI Review Replies

    Auto-generate replies that are personalised for your users and match your brand tone
  • AI Review Summaries

    Get 15 summaries of user reviews your app and your competitors' apps are receiving.
  • Ad Copy Generator

    Use AI-powered Ad Copy Generator to write high-converting ad copies for Google App Campaigns & Meta Ads.


Tailored solutions for your app business needs
5+ Apps
  • Includes Growth features, plus:

  • Enterprise API

  • Customized Onboarding for Your Team

  • Priority Support

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More Features

20 750 3000
Replies to App Reviews
20 150 500
Competitor Apps
2 50 500
Team Members
1 3 5
Countries per App
1 Unlimited Unlimited
(Metrics for Google Play Store, Apple App Store for all countries)
Performance Dashboard(Overview of main KPIs)
App Health(Incl. crash rate, uninstalls)
App Metrics (Compare store listing impressions, views, installs across countries and sources)
App Store Performance Report (Incl. app metrics and keyword ranking movements)
Conversion Rate Analysis(Incl. sources, countries and update history)
(Metrics for Google App Campaigns & Apple Search Ads for all countries)
Ads Dashboard(Compare ad impressions, clicks, conversions, ad spend, CPC)
User Acquisition Correlation(Correlation of organic and paid installs)
Conversion Rate Analysis(CTR and conversions rates across all active campaigns by channels and countries)
Ad Copy Generator(AI-powered ad copy suggestions for Google & Meta Ads)

Use AI-powered Ad Copy Generator to write high-converting ad copies for Google App Campaigns & Meta Ads.

suggested ad copy
Ad Performance Report (Incl. ads performance and organic/paid correlation)
Competitor Category Rankings

Compare your and your competitor’s rankings in your main categories.

competitor category rankings
Competitor Suggestions(Powered by AI)
Competitor Metadata Creatives (Incl. app icon, screenshots, preview video, feature graphic for Apple App Store, Google Play and downloading them in bulk)
Featurings (Incl. competitors and alerts for all countries)

Quickly see when and where your app has been featured in the App Store.

Top Charts
Competitor Comparison(Incl. their rankings for keywords)
Competitor's Metadata

Analyze competitor’s store listing metadata to get inspiration for your metadata optimization. See competitor’s keywords and their density in the app description.

competitors metadata
Competitor Metadata Updates(Use our App Timeline to see their update history)
Competitor Download Estimates (App & Developer Downloads for Google Play Store)

Compare download numbers of any app

app downloads
Download Trends(Discover the most downloaded apps and games per category)
Keyword Tracking Dashboard
Keyword Finder - Autocomplete
Keyword Trends
Search Visibility Score(Measure the real impact of ASO and know how your organic visibility compares to competitors.)
svs competitors
Keyword Rankings of My Apps (Incl. historical data)
Keyword Rankings of Competitors (Uncover which keywords competitors are ranking on and your app is not)
Keyword Movements (Winners & Losers)(Identify keywords with the biggest increase or decrease in rankings)
Keyword Difficulty
Tracking Suggestions (Powered by AI)
Metadata Explorer(Identify how often competitors use certain keywords in the metadata description)

Analyze your and your competitors’ app store listings and keyword strategies

metadat explorer
Keyword Live Search
Keyword Lists (Tags)
Keyword Auto-Translation(Automatic English translation for any language displayed next to the original word)
Keywords Library(Access to database of keywords for various countries with specific filtering options)
Keyword Insights(Understand the impact of Apple Search Ads on organic keyword placement)
Competitor Ads per Keyword(Check the keywords your competitors are running ads on in Apple App Store and Google Play Store powered by our AI)
ads keywords
Ads Inspector (Identify top bidders per keyword for every language)
Share of Voice(Spot which competitors have highest ad spend per keyword)
Advertiser Score (Discover which apps get the highest ad visibility per country)
ASO Score (Automated evaluation of your store listing for different countries)
ASO Recommendations(Actionable suggestions for your store listing improvements)
Store Listing Editor(Update metadata & create new iOS versions without logging into Google Play Console, App Store Connect)
ASO Updates(Edit multiple store listings and put them live within the same patch)
Changelog(History of metadata changes for your app)
CSV Upload (Import metadata worksheet)
App Timeline (Track your own and competitor ASO updates in a calendar view)

See updates done by you and your competitors. By clicking on the bubbles, you can see what has changed in that update.

app timeline
Replying to Reviews
Ratings Charts (Historical data according to the plan)
Tagging Reviews (Easily categorize user feedback)
Pre-Saved Templates for Replying to Reviews
Customization of Templates
AI Review Replies(Powered by GPT-4)

Easily communicate with your global audience through personalized AI-generated review replies in various languages.

ai review replies
AI Review Summaries(Powered by AI)

Get a summary of the reviews your app and your competitors’ apps are receiving.

ai review summaries app radar
Email Integration
Daily Keyword Rankings Alerts
Slack Integration

Be notified in Slack about your daily keyword ranking, app metrics, new app reviews, and when your app will get featured in the App Store.

Featurings & Review Alerts
CSV Export
Google Ads Performance Report
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