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iOS App Store Optimization

App Icon: How to Create an Appealing iOS App Icon

Before you can publish your app, you are required to provide a high-res app icon. It’s crucial that you put the time a...
2 min read

App Preview Video: Showcasing Your iOS App in App Store

The iOS app preview video is a maximum 30 second clip that shows users what your app is about. You can have up to 3 vide...
3 min read

App Store Pre-Order: Create Excitement for Your App Pre-Launch

So what if your app hasn’t even launched yet? You can still build up hype in the and out of the App Store! We’re goi...
2 min read

App Subtitle: Placing Keywords in iOS App Subtitle

In general, every element of an app store product page has the power to drive downloads. At the same time, keywords plac...
4 min read

App Screenshots: Designing Compelling Screenshots for the App Store

iOS App Screenshots make up a large bulk of your App Store visuals. They are usually what people will use to decide if t...
7 min read

How to Get Featured in the App Store

Getting featured in the Apple App Store is an achievement all app developers strive towards. It’s a big win. Seriously...
9 min read

Following Apple’s Guidelines for Your App Product Page

Because Apple cares about associating themselves with high-quality products, they won’t just let anyone publish apps o...
5 min read

In-App Purchases: Optimizing Your iOS App Monetization Model

The idea behind In-App Purchase is pretty simple, it’s to sell digital services or features inside your app. In recent...
3 min read

App Store Ratings and Reviews: How User Reviews Affect App Store Ranking

In this lesson we’ll be going through not only how to reply to the reviews your app gets in the Apple App Store but al...
7 min read

iOS Keyword Field: How to Take Advantage of iOS Keywords

Apple has helped developers by creating the keyword field. Here you have 100 characters to specify terms or phrases that...
6 min read

Google Play App Store Optimization

Short and Long Description: Placing Keywords in Android App Descriptions

For both, iOS and Android apps, you need to provide the app stores with an app description, which is part of the app met...
4 min read

App Icon: Designing Android App Icon for Google Play

On Google Play there are thousands of apps, which means your app has to stand out so as people download it. In a researc...
1 min read

App Screenshots: Creating Android App Screenshots for Google Play

Android app screenshots, together with the demo video, are your chance to demonstrate the most important and catchy func...
1 min read

App Promo Video: How to Create a Great Promo Video for Google Play

Promo videos show how your app works. That’s a great opportunity to catch the potential user’s attention because it...
1 min read

Google Play Pre-Registration: Create Hype for Apps Before Launch

Building up excitement for your app even before launch will help make the release even more of a success. Google Play wi...
3 min read

Feature Graphic: Making a Compelling Google Play Feature Graphic

Feature Graphic is an important asset on Google Play. That’s the header of your app page. And if you don’t have a vi...
1 min read

How to Reply to Google Play Reviews

Google Play app ratings and user reviews affect how Android users see your app. By looking through your app’s ratings ...
5 min read

Keeping Your Google Play Android Vitals Healthy

Google Play puts your Android app’s stability performance into consideration too. Naturally, they don’t want apps fi...
3 min read

Getting Featured in the Google Play Store

Google Play reaches billions of Android users in over 190 territories. Featured apps get a boost in app store impression...
10 min read

App Title: Writing Android App Titles that Drive Downloads

The app title, meaning the name of your app, is super important for two main reasons. First, it is the first written inf...
3 min read

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