Localizations: Extended Competitor Insights

In the ever-evolving landscape of app development and marketing, understanding and monitoring competition is an ongoing priority for app marketing professionals. Yet many find keeping up with emerging trends within app stores challenging.

Localizations: Extender Competitor Insights introduction, App Radar by SplitMetrics

That’s exactly why we’ve extended our competitive intelligence capabilities! With Localizations in the Competitors section, you can now easily understand the key features and target markets your competitors focus on and use their ideas for A/B testing and improving your own conversion rates!

Key Benefits of Competitor Localizations for App Businesses

Localizations improve the way app businesses analyze their competitors' creative strategies as well as their localization strategies. By easily accessing the comprehensive view of all Apple App Store and Google Play Store creatives used by a competitor in various countries, you can gain invaluable insights into:

  • Target markets: Gain clarity on which markets competitors are prioritizing.
  • App localization: Discover how competitors adapt their app creatives to resonate with different cultures and languages.
  • Competitive advantages: Identify the key features that competitors highlight for different market segments and how they do it.
app radar competitor localizations apple app store wide

We've designed Localizations for competitors with usability and efficiency in mind. The interface is intuitive, allowing us to seamlessly navigate and access insights quickly within our “Competitors” section next to other data like Metadata and Creatives.

Login to your App Radar account (or start a free 7-day trial) and go to the section “Competitors” to try it out. Simply add a competitor to your account and choose a suitable country from the drop-down list.

app radar competitor localizations country picker

This feature gives you access to the following app store data:

  • Countries: select “all countries”, “tracked countries”, or a specific country to instantly view all creatives used by the competitor globally.
  • Creatives: dive deep into each screenshot, icon, feature graphic (Google Play), and video to understand its messaging and design elements.
  • Side-by-side comparisons: easily compare creatives to identify patterns in localization strategies.

How to investigate competitor localizations with App Radar?

App Radar’s competitive intelligence helps you to investigate your rivals’ target markets in detail. For example, if we’re interested in understanding how Spotify does global marketing, we can first check its Localizations for all countries:

app radar competitor localizations

Then, we can take a closer look at how it localizes its music app towards the German market and that, in comparison to other apps as well:

app radar competitors creatives

Furthermore, then we can check their metadata for Germany:

app radar competitors metadata

Last but not least, we can check the user feedback for Spotify in Germany:

app radar ai review summaries

In general, monitoring your competitor app localizations helps you understand their value propositions and key features for specific markets and any new markets they might be focusing on. By keeping a close eye on competitors' metadata and creative strategies, you can identify opportunities, mitigate threats, and make informed decisions to protect or increase your market share in given countries.


With App Radar’s Competitor Localizations, app businesses have a powerful ally in their quest for global domination. Explore it today to gain deeper insights into your competitors' market focus and make data-driven decisions!

At App Radar by SplitMetrics we’re committed to continuous improvement based on user feedback. We encourage you to check out Competitor Localizations and share your thoughts with us! Your input will guide our future development efforts as we strive to enhance our offerings and empower app businesses to thrive in competitive markets.

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Grete Ling
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Grete is a proud Estonian (a tiny country with the highest amount of Unicorns per capita) and always integrates the idea of "born global" into her marketing strategies. Since 2011, she's been working in Europe and the US with SMEs taking their businesses global. She believes in collaborative teamwork and looking at user acquisition strategically as one big picture.
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