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Submitting Android Apps to Google Play Store: The How-To Guide

The Google Play Store is one of the major app stores serving Android users. It’s used by people all over the world and, as a result, is an excellent choice for app distribution when you’re planning to launch a mobile app or game. We’re going to go through exactly what steps you need to take to submit Android apps to the Google Play Store.

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Launching iOS Apps in the Apple App Store: The Step-by-Step Guide

One of the major platforms to publish mobile apps is, of course, Apple’s App Store for iOS devices. As a result, Apple upholds a strict review process. They only want the best apps to be available in their App Store. Are you planning to launch an iOS app? Then follow this step-by-step guide to publishing one in the Apple App Store.

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Foolproof Mobile App Marketing Campaigns For Retention

You can always opt to gear your marketing strategy and make your hard-earned users stay for the long haul in order to remedy this. These marketing campaigns we’ve rounded up for you can give you a key to unlocking meaningful engagement, loyalty, and even sales when done right.

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Android App Screenshot Sizes and Guidelines for Google Play

Google Play screenshots are more important now because of the Play Store’s redesign. App screenshots are shown above the fold. As a result, people’s attention get drawn more easily to the app screenshots. We’re covering quickly why screenshots are important and then moving onto the Android app screenshot sizes you need to follow.

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iOS App Screenshot Sizes and Guidelines for the Apple App Store

When publishing an app in the Apple App Store, you are required to provide app screenshots. The screenshots are shown in your App Store listing and play a huge role in driving more downloads. In addition to being nicely designed, your iOS app screenshots have to follow Apple’s guidelines and size requirements.

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Get Your Android App Featured in Google Play: The How To Guide

Google Play reaches billions of Android users in over 190 territories. Featured apps get a boost in app store impressions and, as a result, installs. So it’s no surprise that many app companies aim to be featured in the Google Play Store. What are the steps you can take to get your app featured in Google Play? Let’s find out.

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how to reply to google play reviews

How to Reply to Google Play Reviews

Google Play app ratings and user reviews affect how Android users see your app. By looking through your app’s ratings and reviews, a person can determine whether 1. Your app works well, and 2. your app solves their problem. From there, a person will decide if they want to download your app. Of course, you want to do everything you can to convince them that your app is worth their time. Replying to Google Play reviews pushes you closer to that goal.

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app marketing and development conferences in 2020

App Marketing and Development Conferences in 2020 to Attend

There’s nothing like learning from the pros and doing it all in person. The app marketing and development world has grown ten time in the past few years, making conferences for the mobile industry some of the must-attend events of the year. Here are the top app marketing and development conferences in 2020.

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How to Get Users to Leave an App Store Review

Ratings and reviews have a massive influence on whether people will download your app. The more ratings and reviews that you have, the more appealing your app will appear to potential users. So to get more passive users who also have an excellent in-app experience to speak up, you need to prompt them.

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How to Get Your App Ready for Christmas

Knowing that Christmas is the most consumption-intensive time of the year, you should definitely ensure that your app is ranked well in app stores. We show you how to get your app ready for Christmas in 4 easy steps in this article. Check it out!

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How Does Google UAC Work?

Google introduced UAC to streamline the paid user acquisition process for app developers and marketers. Read on to find out what Google UAC is and how it can work for you.

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4 Ways to Get More Organic App Installs

Organic app installs are affordable to produce and pack a punch when it comes to value. I’m giving you 4 ways to boost your organic app installs. You’ll surely want to put these methods to use. There’s nothing to lose and only installs to gain.

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How to Get Featured on the App Store

Getting featured in the Apple App Store is an achievement all app developers strive towards. It’s a big win. Seriously. An App Store feature is not only worth a lifetime of bragging rights but also a way to access crazy fast app growth.

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What is Brand Protection?

When running your campaign, one way of separating your keywords is Discovery, Generic, Competitor, and Brand Keywords. It’s time to look closer at Brand Keywords campaigns and understand how and why Brand Protection is an important topic.

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Mobile App Ads Blog Post Feature Image

What are Mobile Ad Networks?

Monetization seems to be the end goal to everything these days. The app industry is no exception. In-app purchases, freemium models and what we’re going to discuss today, in-app ads are all widely practiced app monetization strategies.

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Best Mobile Ad Networks 2019

Whether you’re looking to improve user acquisition (UA) as an advertiser or monetize your app as a publisher, or both, you have a variety of app ad networks to choose from. To make app advertising easier, we’ve gathered the best app ad networks, including social media and mobile gaming specific, for you.

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Apple Search Ads Best Practices

5 Apple Search Ads Best Practices

Running a campaign without prior ASA knowledge is a dangerous path to go down. You put yourself at risk of wasting both valuable time and money. In addition, you’re losing potentially great users. There are a few tactics you should put into action to ensure the best possible Search Ads results. That’s why we’re going to talk about the top 5 ASA best practices.

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6 App Metrics You Absolutely Need to Measure

When you’re new to the mobile app industry, the large list of app metrics can be a bit overwhelming. Don’t stress too much because I’m about to break it all down for you. Let’s talk about the 6 app metrics you definitely need to measure.

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How Apple Search Ads Works

Apple Search Ads, what are they and how can they help you grow your app? Let’s find out. Apple launched this ad feature only in October 2016 with the intention of helping app developers get their apps found by more specific audiences.

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Keywords Aso

How To Optimize Your ASO Keyword Strategy

About 67% of app downloads come from organic app store search. Having a good keyword set implemented is crucial. This post contains some useful tips on how to optimize your ASO keyword strategy for App Store. (including free infographic with hot tips for your App Store keyword use)

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