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Tired of sifting through different sources of data to make one simple marketing decision? Well, you can stop your search now! App Radar is here to bridge the gap between ASO, Google App Campaigns, and Apple Search Ads data in one single overview. See your organic and app store advertising performance metrics on a unified dashboard and easily understand the correlation between both.

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Hard facts about app store advertising for apps & games

20 Million

registered developers are on Apple App Store

50x tCPI

is an optimal budget for Google App Install Campaign

6.06 %

is an average tap-through rate in Apple Search Ads

Don’t waste your money on ads that won’t perform! Make the most of your app store advertising budget with data-driven user acquisition decisions.

Make powerful, data-driven marketing decisions with trusted and unified user acquisition insights

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I save 90% of time for App updates thanks to features like the Store Listing Bulk Editor. I can now update our games’ store listings for several languages every week.

Juliane Besler
Marketing Manager, Kolibri Games
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Rolling out your app to the world sometimes lets you lose sight of which markets to focus on. The App Radar Optimization Score really helps us keep an overview and set priorities.

Alexander Marktl
CEO, iTranslate
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App Radar helped us improve our game's ASO over a multitude of countries and languages greatly improving organic downloads with a much appreciated professionalism.

Alex Le Mieux
Product Manager Mobile, Plug In Digital


Combine insights about App Store Optimization, Google App Campaigns, and Apple Search Ads to compare the performance of channels and understand which has the highest impact

How to understand the correlation between organic user acquisition & app store advertising

  • Analyze how your app store advertising conversions impact total app growth
  • Understand if changes to your Google App Campaigns or/and Apple Search Ads impact your app’s organic performance
  • Monitor the share of traffic that comes organically and through Apple Search Ads and Google App Campaigns
  • Compare the performance across App Store Optimization, Google App Campaigns, Apple Search Ads and understand which user acquisition channel supports your app growth the most
  • Analyze if bidding on specific keywords helps your app to rank higher in the search results 
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How to analyze ad performance thoroughly

  • See how your impressions, clicks, conversions, and costs evolve compared to the previous week or month 
  • Compare your ad performance across different KPIs, ad platforms, countries, campaigns, and periods of time
  • Compare the performance of Google App Campaigns with Apple Search Ads and identify which ad platform is more efficient
  • Discover growth potential per ad platform, country, and campaign based on important ad performance metrics
  • Get your weekly ad performance directly in your inbox
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How to analyze a drop in ad conversion rates

  • Find out how well your ads are converting across different KPIs, ad platforms, countries, campaigns, and periods of time
  • Analyze where and why users drop off in the app store advertising conversion funnel 
  • Understand which countries, campaigns, and ad platforms are responsible for a low conversion rate 
  • Compare the conversion rate from Google App Campaigns with Apple Search Ads and understand which ad platform converts better 
  • Take measures based on the funnel analysis and improve your ad performance
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How to benchmark ad strategy with competitors

  • Check whether a competitor got more aggressive with their app store advertising strategy
  • Find out which keywords your competitors are running ads on in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store powered by our AI
  • Identify top bidders per keyword for every language
  • Discover which apps get the highest ad visibility per country 
  • Understand if top bidders also have the highest organic keyword ranking
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Get started with your ad performance analysis
with these questions already answered

Why is it important to keep track of your ad performance?
You're spending money on advertising, but how do you know if it's actually working? The answer lies in your performance metrics. By analyzing your ad performance, you can clearly see what's working and what's not. Understand your actual level of app performance so that you can refine and adjust your app marketing strategy based on data-driven insights.
Which metrics should I focus on for analyzing my ad performance?
There are a few key metrics you should focus on: impressions, clicks, conversions, cost per click, cost per conversion, and costs. Keep an eye on those numbers and see how they change over time - that will give you a good idea of whether or not your ads are performing well and which areas need improvement.
Why did my installs drop?
First, try to understand what causes the change. Was it organic or paid traffic? Have you had fewer ads running during that specific time that impacted your growth? If pausing or decreasing your ads significantly decreased your installs, you should consider re-activating the ads. Have you done any metadata changes recently and stopped targeting specific keywords? If removing keywords significantly decreased your keyword rankings with good search volume, you should consider adding them again.
How can I improve conversion rates between core ad metrics?
First, try to understand the root cause of the low conversion rate. At which step of the conversion funnel do users drop off? Is it because users need to be convinced to click on your ad once they see it? Then you should focus on improving your ad assets. Make sure they appeal to your target audience and show what makes your app unique. Or is it because users are not convinced to install your app once they click on your ad? Then you should focus on improving your store listing and double-check the relevancy of your ads. Remember, your paid ads and your organic store listing should be aligned.
How to find new keywords for my ASA campaign?
First, include keywords that you also optimize for organically. It will be a win-win situation, helping you to boost organic and paid performance! Run discovery campaigns to identify new keywords. It will give you great insights into how the algorithm sees your app and under which search term it gets recognized. Next, get inspiration from competitors. Check which keywords they use in their ASO strategy (Competitor keywords) and which keywords they are bidding on within Apple Search Ads (Search Ads Intelligence). Last but not least, brainstorm keywords that are relevant to your app, describe features, or ask friends how they would describe your app.
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