Product Optimization

Improve your apps’ performance, retention and monetization


What differentiates a good app from a great app is the loyalty of its users to continue to use it, be its ambassadors and pay (if required) for its features & benefits.


At App Radar, we believe in a holistic approach to achieving app success. Therefore, we have developed specific services to plan and execute or consult your team to further improve your apps image, user retention and monetization.

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    Improve your app's key performance indicators

    Through a comprehensive product & competitive analysis combined with industry best practices, we will tailor a strategy for your app to either roll-out or consult you in improving your app’s KPIs.

    Gain a solid understanding on apps performance
    Save on internal resources
    Increase your apps LTV
    Improve your apps image
    Boost your purchase CVR
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    Retention Optimization

    Unlock the full potential of your mobile app or game with our Retention Optimization service, designed for everyone seeking to improve user experience and maximize user retention and revenue.

    Our app marketing experts will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your app and its user journey, as well as of competitor apps, to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.

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    Monetization Optimization

    Systematic testing of pricing and monetization is imperative to improve your customer’s LTV. Enhance your onboarding process and optimize your monetization efforts to convert more users into paying ones. We partner with industry leaders in monetization optimization and use our expertise to tailor a regular testing strategy in order to improve your monetization objectives.

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    Review Management

    Let us help you maintain a positive image and enhance your users’ experience through effective reviews and ratings management. 

    With us, you can outsource a critical task to experts. We will promptly reply to user reviews in a professional manner, systematically evaluate & cluster common concerns and report on potential features and improvements. The goal is to improve your app’s all-round image and conversion rate.

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