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Maximize your app’s potential with our App Launch Marketing service, tailored specifically for corporates, startups and app developers looking to make a splash in the competitive mobile app market.


For the launch of a new app, it is important to start with an optimized app store listing. Therefore, we analyze the market & competitors and tailor a clear strategy to have the best possible app store listing for the launch. After discussing the strategy, we will help you with the launch roll-out and also implement paid UA strategies to gain traction for the app (if needed).

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    Achieve your app launch goals with us

    Tailored app store launch strategy designed to meet your key objectives

    An optimized app store listing is crucial to gaining traction and driving app installs. Our App Store Launch service will help you set up a well-optimized listing, focusing on keyword research and optimization for app titles and description, and best practices for visual assets. Additionally, you will have the continuous support of an app marketing expert and the Growth plan of the App Radar tool to build a strong foundation & leverage our expertise to meet your goals.

    Gain competitive edge
    Increase visibility & downloads
    Ensure positive brand awareness and a strong presence in the market
    Get ongoing support for app growth
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    Pre-Launch Support: Market evaluation

    The launch of your app is still in the early stages or you have a rough idea of what your new app will be?

    With our workshops, we will help you evaluate the market, your idea, and any potential challenges or opportunities to market your app. In addition to workshops that will help you gain a deeper understanding of the app market and app launch, we can also fully support you in creating your business plan or researching your market/niche.


    Market & Competitor Analysis

    Our team of experts will conduct a thorough market and competitor analysis to identify opportunities and challenges, ensuring your app stands out from the rest. We’ll develop a clear and effective strategy to create the best possible app store listing for your launch.

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    App Store Listing Preparation

    Our App Launch service ensures an optimized app store listing for higher visibility & installs. We provide recommendations for an effective launch strategy, including featuring apps, budget allocation, launch countries, etc. We also create a compelling app title and description with relevant keywords. Additionally, we can design, or support you in designing, eye-catching icons, screenshots, and videos showcasing your app’s unique features.


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    Launch Roll Out & Initial Support

    Our comprehensive App Launch service goes beyond optimization, guiding you through the entire roll-out process. We help you determine the ideal launch timing and create a promotional plan for maximum exposure and early adopter attraction. Post-launch, we analyze app performance and make data-driven adjustments to sustain growth. We also assist in monetization and retention testing to ensure scalability before increasing user acquisition budgets. Additionally, our paid user acquisition campaigns can help you drive valuable traffic and are continually optimized to achieve a positive advertising ROI.

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