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Don't stop at keyword research and market insights. Go further with App Radar.

Mobile Action limits you to just data analysis. When you want more, you want App Radar. App Radar is the all-in-one tool that will get you to app success. You'll be able to research keywords, keep up with market trends, and analyze competitors. But, it doesn't stop there. App Radar enables you to edit your app store listing, upload app screenshots, and reply to user reviews.

Why Companies Prefer App Radar Over Mobile Action

Powered by AI

Powered by machine learning and AI

Mobile Action offers a selection of data analysis tools for App Store Optimization and app ads. However, App Radar goes beyond just research and data analysis. We give you the solutions. Rather than leaving you to guesswork, our platform provides data-driven AI-recommendations for keywords and other App Store Optimization improvements.
Manage apps efficiently

Manage your apps more effectively and efficiently

Mobile Action does not have app management features integrated into their tool. Whereas, App Store Optimization workflow and app management is one of App Radar's unique capabilities. With App Radar you can update your app store listing, upload localized screenshots, and reply to user reviews. We also provide an App Store Optimization (ASO) score for every locale.
Access learning resources

With App Radar, you'll have a variety of learning resources

Mobile Action has a limited amount of learning resources. Our team at App Radar has made it a point to make help our users advance their knowledge about App Store Optimization, app advertising, and app marketing. In our tool, you'll find educational videos, walk-through tutorials, and guides on both how to use our tool and best practices for increased app growth.
Get personalized support

We pride ourselves on providing personalized support

Mobile Action does not offer App Store Optimization, app advertising, or app marketing services. App Radar's services department has worked with companies around the world to grow their apps. We specialize in entering new markets, localizing app store listings, optimizing for the best keywords, accelerating organic growth, and running effective ad campaigns.
Celebrate your wins

Never miss a chance to celebrate your wins

Mobile Action allows you to see apps that have been featured in App Store and Google Play but doesn't notify you about your own features. With App Radar, you'll get a notification 24 hours before your app is featured by Apple or Google. That way you have time to prepare an announcement and get even more traffic from the feature.

Challenging tasks call for simple tools

App Radar's all-in-one App Store Optimization and App Management tool makes achieving app success easy and efficient.

We help our users find their users

Join more than 25.000 businesses and make your app more successful with App Radar.
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I save 90% of time for App updates thanks to features like the Store Listing Bulk Editor. I can now update our games’ store listings for several languages every week.

Juliane Besler
Marketing Manager, Kolibri Games

App Radar helped us improve our game's ASO over a multitude of countries and languages greatly improving organic downloads with a much appreciated professionalism.

Alex Le Mieux
Product Manager Mobile, Plug In Digital
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Rolling out your app to the world sometimes lets you lose sight of which markets to focus on. The App Radar Optimization Score really helps us keep an overview and set priorities

Alexander Marktl
CEO, iTranslate
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