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Search engines, as well as app stores like Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or Windows Store, use complex mathematical algorithms in order to sort search results based on relevance to each search query and user. This relevance is determined with several components like the accordance of user search query to used keywords in app page meta-data.

Although the exact ranking algorithms are not public, some known factors influence the search result ranking in app stores.

App Store Ranking on Google Play Store

App Store Ranking Factors on Apple App Store (iOS)

App Store Ranking Factors on Google Play Store (Android)

Some of these factors, like keywords placed in the title, keyword field or description, are components, you can optimize by yourself. While as ASO-Factors like App Installs, Ratings and Reviews can not be influenced directly by yourself. As they are dominated by customers, you cannot control the effect of it to your app ranking. However, engaging customers still lies in your hands.

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