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Posted in February 2016 by Silke Glauninger

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App Store Optimization is not a single action but a complex process. One important task within this process is the regular monitoring of rankings, competitors, and the market.

By tracking and analyzing how you rank for specific keywords in comparison to your competitors, you are taking an important step towards optimizing your app store performance.

As this is a very intensive task, tools like App Radar Keyword Tracker can help you keep an overview of all this data.

App Radar Keyword Tracker App Monitornig Example Furthermore, you should always have an eye on your customers’ opinions. Having a regular check on app rankings and user reviews could give you insights for improving your app and marketing. ASO is not only about Keyword Optimization, but considers your app’s appearance, including app icon, description, app title, and previews, making it important to always track your app’s performance.

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