What is App Store Optimization?

Posted in September 2018 by Thomas Kriebernegg

App Store Optimization Guide
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What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization (ASO for short) is the process of improving the visibility of your app within a mobile app store, thus helping it appear more relevant in searches by potential customers.

App Store Optimization is often referred to as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which describes a similar marketing-related process of boosting your web content within search engine results.

Both processes share similarities like keyword optimization, backlinking and conversion optimization. The most important difference between SEO and ASO, however, is that SEO applies to online web search engines, whereas ASO applies to the performance of apps in mobile app stores like Google Play Store or Apple App Store (iTunes). If this sounds too abstract, don’t worry. Let’s have a look at the following checklist explaining the main differences and similarities between ASO and SEO.

App Store Optimization vs Search Engine Optimization

Why is ASO (App Store Optimization) important?

Since more than 2 million apps are available in iTunes Connect and further 3,3 million apps are offered by Google Play Store (Source: Statista), it’s very likely that there is at least one similar app, trying to reach the same target users as you do.

Statistic of Number of Apps in App Stores

The primary goal of App Store Optimization is to increase downloads and the number of users of your app while optimizing your app’s visibility. So, the first step to maximize your download stats is to get your app found by users. But how can you do this?

To understand how to get more users to install your app, you first have to understand how people are searching and finding apps.

65% of apps are discovered through search - Apple

People are mostly hunting for specific apps in the leading app stores like Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. According to a more detailed study by Tune, 47% of iOS apps are discovered through app store search. On Google Play Store, even 53% of downloads are triggered by search. This makes clear that app store search is the most common method for discovering new apps.

App Discovery: How Users find Apps and Mobile Games

How Users find Apps

An app’s appearance and position in the app stores strongly impact its download number. The higher your app ranks in associated app listings, the more relevant it appears in customers’ eyes. Higher ranking apps are not only considered more relevant, but also get more downloads since users usually don’t scroll through all the available apps.

Benefits of App Store Optimization

As you now know that most users find apps by searching the app stores, you probably realized that App Store Optimization is a must if you want to get your app in front of the right users.

App Visibility - More Downloads

Optimizing your app for organic app store search is the most efficient marketing initiative for mobile apps and games. The reasons are simple:

  • Organic downloads have a high impact on your user acquisition cost mix
  • Organic uplift can leverage all other marketing strategies
  • More downloads lead to higher visibility and higher visibility leads to more downloads
  • Organic users show higher loyalty (more revenue)

How to get started with App Store Optimization

After you have learned what App Store Optimization (ASO) is you might ask yourself, how to get started with it?

The easiest and most efficient solution to get started with App Store Optimization is to use App Radar. App Radar was created by Mobile App and Game developers FOR Mobile App and Game developers. With more then 15 years experience in the industry and being the first that incoperated the power of Artifical Intelligence into the App Store Optimization process, App Radar users see a massive advantage compared to other mobile app & game businesses that use other App Store Optimization tools.

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