The Best App Radar Highlights in 2017 & What’s Coming Next

Posted in December 2017 by Silke Glauninger

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As the year now comes to an end, we decided to point out our highlights back in 2017. It’s been an incredible year full of happy moments, hard work, some tears and many cups of coffee! ☕️

Many things happened and it is really hard to say what was the best moment. But here is a list with an excerpt of our 2017 top highlights.

App Radar became the first ASO Tool with a direct integration into App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) & Google Play Console 🏎

Tracking your app’s visibility is the one thing but really optimizing it is another. Back in February 2017, we released our brand new App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) & Google Play Console Integration.

This makes App Radar more than an ASO tool and allows you to publish app updates for App Store and Google Play at ease.

One Tool To Rule Them All

Using App Radar for processing regular app updates can speed up your ASO process by up to 90%

App Radar was called the best ASO Tool in 2017 many times!

App Radar got into the list of Top App Store Optimization Tools 2017. Not only Business of Apps featured us as one of the best ASO tools available but we got excellent feedback from many other marketing experts, platforms and users. That’s something, we are really proud of.

App Radar Was Named Top App Store Optimization Tool 2017

We released the first AI based ASO helper that helps you finding optimization potential for your apps 🤖

When you work with App Radar, you don’t need to be an ASO expert anymore to achieve success in App Store Optimization.

Since October, App Radar users see their own Optimization Score in a central dashboard for every app they track and optimize. The score is calculated based on common ASO issues and the latest industry tips. It shows how well-optimized your app store page is and tells where there is still room for improvement.

App Radar Was Named Top App Store Optimization Tool 2017

We pushed our number of supported countries with the most accurate keyword ranking data in the market to 25! ✈️

With App Radar you can find out if users find your app in more than 25 countries in the two leading app stores.

App Radar gives you the most accurate keyword data for your mobile game or app in 25 countries. We are continuously improving our tool but this year we speed up integrating incredible 18 new countries to track your keyword rankings in multiple app markets around the world.

We integrated the first version of a translating workflow into App Radar

Soon after we launched App Radar’s brand new features to prepare and optimize localizations, we extended App Radar with another time-saving functionality that revolutionizes the way app developers can cooperate with translators.

App Radar Translator Feature

We found out, that translating and managing app store metadata is a pain in the ass. So, we developed a unique interface for App Radar, where app developers and translator can easier work together.

Further great achievements: That’s not all! Here are some more honorable great moments of 2017:

  • Because we are one of the fastest growing startups in Austria, the Austrian Government honored us as “Born Global Champion” 🇦🇹
  • We opened up an office in San Francisco to fully conquer the market next year 🇺🇸
  • We are one of the most famous ASO Tools on Facebook - like our page, if you haven’t yet: Follow us on Facebook 👍
  • App Raddar got a fresh new look & feel to make it easier to manage your mobile apps and save tons of time updating them. (P.S. This is going to be even better in 2018)

What’s coming next

We are really looking forward to what we are going to present in the early 2018! Over the last few months we have been working on App Radar V3.

I don’t want to promise too much, but this will change App Store Optimization. It has never been easier to manage, optimize and update your apps and mobile games! No worries, I will keep you posted on this topic because this will be HUGE 🚀

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Cheers to a fantastic 2017

The App Radar team and I wish you all Happy Holidays and are looking forward helping you skyrocketing your apps and mobile games in 2018!

Silke Glauninger
Silke is Marketing Manager at App Radar. When not writing about app marketing, you can find her looking for new places to explore or watching series with a cup of tea and chocolate.