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Posted in July 2016 by Silke Glauninger

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While creating a new app, many publishers fully focus on building a great app. Unfortunately, only a few of them will have the million-dollar-idea that will drive thousands of dollars entirely by itself. Of course, great features are the basis of app success, however, time and resources must also be invested into app marketing in order to make it successful.
Download App Radar's Ultimate App Marketing Checklist for Launching your App

Before you release your new Android or iOS app, there are many things to do. As many developers and publishers do not have the resources and experience to do app marketing wholeheartedly, we have made an ultimate checklist to help you save time and money and make your mobile app launch a success.

Save valuable time and download the ultimate app launch checklist to make your app successful.

Important Steps to take before you launch your app

In the following, we listed some of the most important steps you should take in order to launch your app successful. Have fun reading and don’t forget to download the full checklist.

Do Market Research and know your customers

One of the most common pre-launch pitfalls in app business is not doing market research properly. At the very beginning of developing phase, you should identify the key players in your specific app category. Identifying market and competitors can bring useful insights into what your target audience likes and what you can do better to increase chances for establishing in the market.

Furthermore, you should ask yourself who your app is for and how your target audience could benefit from your features. Also think about what could make your app stand out in contrast to your competitors. These are important considerations that should influence your whole app marketing approach.

There are several tools and canvas, like the example below, that help you developing a business strategy and identifying value proposition.

value proposition canvas can helps you identify USP for your app

Design is Power

Never underestimate the power of great design. It would be a shame if you developed some outstanding features for your app but nobody wants to use it because it simply looks ugly.

Ensure your app fits the Human Interface Guidelines for iOS and Android to avoid your app getting rejected by any store. Following these design and UI principles, you at can get sure your app will not get rejected because of its user interface. Furthermore, users will more likely use a good designed and relevant app.

Good design sells better. Of course your app features are decisive whether people will use it (on a regular basis) or not. However, you first have to sell it to them. Screenshots and Preview Videos are very powerful tools to drive downloads. In this blog post you can find an App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) Screenshot Sizes Cheat Sheet. Also an attractive app icon and appealing landing page can turn the scale in terms of app downloads.

Set up your web presence

Using the hype around your app launch, you should make sure that you can reach your target audience. The most cost-effective way to do this is to set up social media profiles popular with your target customers. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social platforms let you expand your web presence and allow you to directly communicate with your target audience. If your app targets specific age groups, identify the social networks that are most popular with people in this demographic and concentrate on them. Once you have all your profiles set up, post and share not only promotional but infomercial, funny and engaging content related to your app in order to build a community behind it.

social media demographics

As soon as your app is published, you can use your already established online presence to push web traffic to your app store page. Never forget to include appropriate app store links to your landing page and social profiles in order to drive downloads.

App Store Optimization for the win

As discussed in previous posts, App Store Optimization is the most effective way to increase your app’s findability in app stores. And believe us or not, it is relevant from the very start of your app.

Besides app installs and ratings, keywords are the crucial ranking factors for your app. Therefore, you should make sure to optimize your app-metadata like app title, description or keyword field from the very beginning.

The App Launch Checklist

The App Launch Checklist should support you planning your marketing activities. The suggested actions are hints for you and represent steps, to take while idea-, development-, launch- and post-launch-phase.

Besides taking all those essential actions for App Marketing, you should not forget about thinking about mobile KPIs and how they apply to your business. Get a list of Top 50 KPIs in mobile here.

Click the preview to download the full checklist! Download App Radar's Ultimate App Marketing Checklist for Launching your App
Good luck marketing your app!

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