42 Mobile App Conferences to Attend in 2022 – Full List with Prices

Iryna Lukashuk
mobile app conferences 2022

Starting 2022 with planning your event calendar is a must-do for all app marketers and mobile app developers. As 2022 is expected to bring new trends and changes to the app marketing business, it is important to stay connected with the community and industry experts. We, at App Radar, are always on track for upcoming mobile app conferences. So here are the top app marketing and development events in 2022.

Mobile App Conferences and Development Events in January 2022

iOS Conf SG - 2022

iOs Conf SG is a great chance for app developers to learn more about iOS and connect with iOS app developers. This mobile app developer conference provides a hands-on workshop on SwiftUI and iOS security, native iOS and Swift programming talks. 

Dates: Jan 18-22, 2022

Location: Remote (Zoom)

Price: $150 - $350

6th Japan IT Week OSAKA

Japan's largest IT trade show that covers different IT fields including Software & Apps Development Expo. At Japan IT Week OSAKA you can participate as an exhibitor or a visitor. So if you’re interested in expanding your app business to Japan, attending this free event is for you. 

Dates: Jan 19-21, 2022

Location: INTEX Osaka, Japan

Price: Free

SpeakHer Virtual Summit 2022


3rd Annual SpeakHer Virtual Summit is an online invite-only event held by App Growth Summit. It supports women speakers to receive more public recognition. You can expect open and honest discussions and networking. 27 expert speakers and 9 insightful sessions with interactive and engaging content.  

Dates: Jan 20, 2022

Location: AGS Virtual Event Platform

Price: Free (by request only)

2022 Asia Pacific Game Summit

Asia Pacific Game Summit is organized by the Taipei Computer Association. This event is a great opportunity for mobile game developers and app marketers to learn from the pacific game industry. The summit covers topics from game development to game marketing campaigns. If you are in the mobile game industry, this summit is for you! 

Dates: Jan 20-21, 2022

Location: Online Streaming Session

Price: Free (pre-registration needed)

GamesBeat & Facebook Gaming Summit and GamesBeat Summit: Into The Metaverse 2

The 2nd Annual GamesBeat and Facebook Gaming Summit will be hosted on day 1 digitally and brings together leaders across the gaming industry. Sessions will cover a variety of topics such as changes that are impacting the industry, unveil new growth and app monetization opportunities

GamesBeat Summit will be hold on the 2nd and 3rd days and focus on innovation aspects of the gaming industry and changes within the metaverse. You will hear from GamesBeat’s lead writer Dean Takahashi and other top speakers. 

Dates: Jan 25-27, 2022

Location: Online 

Price: Free 

Mobile App Conferences and Development Events in February 2022

Mobile and App Marketing Masterclass

Interactive half-day Masterclass showcases the latest strategies, tools, tech, and trends in the mobile and app industry. You can expect to have expert presentations and roundtable discussions with app marketers' colleagues. This is your opportunity to get a hands-on workshop in mobile app marketing

Dates: Feb 1, 2022

Location: London - TBC, UK

Price: Free 


DeveloperWeek is claimed to be the World’s Largest Developer Conference + Expo Series. DeveloperWeek will host 15+ conferences, a series of workshops, technical talks, and keynotes. The agenda of the conference is full of different topics, so you definitely will need to prioritize where you want to participate. If you are in the mobile app development field, it is the mobile app developer conference that you can't miss.  

Dates: Feb 2-9, 2022

Location: Virtual

Price:  $100 - $600 

Flutter Vikings

FlutterVikings is the biggest Nordic Flutter Conference. You can be sure that this event will give you the most informative, technical, and useful talks about Flutter and Dart. Moreover, expect to hear from Google Developer Experts and top-notch international speakers. Organizers also promise to provide all participants with awesome MCs and networking activities, interactive entertainment, and engaging challenges. 

Dates: Feb 2-3, 2022

Location: Online & Oslo, Norway 

Price:  Free - €500  

WhiteNights Conference Berlin

WhiteNights Conference in Berlin is a great example of how organizers learned from the past years of lockdowns. This mobile app event will take place in a hybrid form which means all conference features are in sync (online and in-person). 1000 video game industry experts and 1000 attendees will come together to learn from each other. This is also your chance as a game developer to pitch your game to experts and find investors

Dates: Feb 7-8, 2022

Location: Hybrid event - Berlin, Germany

Price:  $60 - $720 

App Growth Masterminds SF 2022

app growth summit sf 2022

App Growth Mastermind in San Francisco is an invite-only event for leaders and experts in the mobile app growth industry. It is a completely different format of the event that aims to share the real off-the-record information and strategies between app marketers and developers. Keep in mind that AGM is limited to 50 experts, so request an invite and be ready to brainstorm with leading experts from the industry. 

Dates: Feb 9, 2022

Location: Design District/Potrero Hill, San Francisco, USA

Price:  Free (invite-only) 

Pocket Gamer Connects London

Pocket Game Connects is the biggest mobile game industry event in Europe. Two days of different conferences but all about mobile game development. You can join sessions about app monetization, technical insights, game trends, etc. The event takes place online and physically, so you can choose which option is the best for you. Moreover, at both physical and online events, this mobile app developer conference will have activities like Big Indie Pitch, Investor Connector, and Publisher SpeedMatch. That is an awesome opportunity to not only learn from experts, but also speak loudly about your app! 

Dates: Feb 14-15, 2022

Location: Online & London, UK

Price:  £70 - £1250

MWC Barcelona

If you are looking for the world’s most influential event for the connectivity industry then you definitely need to attend MWC Barcelona. World-leading companies will share the latest news about the progression and future of connectivity. You can expect to learn more about IoT, 5G, AI from keynote speakers. This event is worth visiting if you want your app business to keep up with the time!  

Dates: Feb 28 - Mar 3, 2022

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Price:  €700 - €4200

Mobile App Conferences and Development Events in March 2022

App Growth Summit Los Angeles 2022

The 5th App Growth Summit in Los Angeles is aimed to help app marketers and gaming companies refine their 2022 plans for growth. This one-day mobile app event brings 30+ expert speakers, 14 custom-curated sessions, and uncountable networking opportunities. Keep in mind that it is an invite-only event, therefore, request your invitation as soon as possible.

Dates: Mar 10, 2022

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Price:  Free (invite-only)

Game Developers Conference

The Game Developers Conference is a week full of key game development topics, keynote sessions, and connections with the game development community. This event might be interesting for game developers, marketers, coders, UX designers and all who are working in the game development industry. So, if you want to gain insight into the future of games, be inspired by new techniques, and discover creative new approaches, then Game Developers Conference is just right for you! 

Dates: Mar 21-25, 2022

Location: San Francisco, USA

Price:  $150 - $1700 

Festival of UX & Design

festival of ux design 2022

You know that user experience is an essential part of app success, right? Then don’t miss the chance to boost your knowledge about UX & Design! Festival of UX & Design is a unique event that gathers experts and passionate professionals in order to share their knowledge and experience. Even if you are not a designer, this event is a great opportunity to learn how to improve your app user experience and connect with professionals. 

Dates: Mar 21-25, 2022

Location: Online

Price:  TBA

App Promotion Summit London

This year the biggest app marketing event in the UK will be held live! 2000+ app marketers and 50+ expert speakers will network and learn from each other during the 4 days of the App Promotion Summit in London. The sessions will cover the topics of app growth,  influencer marketing, App Store Optimization (ASO), user acquisition, social media, analytics, engagement and retention. 

Dates: Mar 24, 2022

Location: London, UK

Price:  Free - £600

MGS 22

Another big event for app marketers will take place in Las Vegas. Mobile industry experts and practitioners will provide actionable insights to boost your app growth strategy in 2022. The agenda of the 6 days MGS 22 will cover a variety of app marketing topics. There are 4 areas of focus: mobile user acquisition, app monetization, user retention and engagement, product development for apps in 2022. So, you definitely will find all that you need to grow your app. 

Dates: Mar 27 - Apr 2, 2022

Location: The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas, USA

Price:  $300 - $2500 

Mobile App Conferences and Development Events in April 2022

App Growth Summit NYC 2022

App Growth Summit will take place also in NYC this year! This mobile app event will provide the Northeast US with the latest up-to-date strategies and trends for this rapidly growing mobile app community. Request your invite and don't miss the opportunity to learn from US app marketing experts.

Dates: Apr 13, 2022

Location: Midtown Manhattan, NYC, USA

Price: Free (invite-only)

DevDays Europe 2022

At DevDays Europe 2022 you will have access to the latest tech advances and the opportunity to speak to international experts. This event will be held as a conference and later on as a workshop. So, you have a chance to level up your knowledge of software development by getting to know the latest practices and advancements in this area.

Dates: Conference is on Apr 27 - 28, 2022, Workshops is on May 6 - 8, 2022

Location: Online & Vilnius, Lithuania

Price: €270 - €800

Mobile App Conferences and Development Events in May 2022

App Growth Summit Berlin 2022

This year's App Growth Summit will also take place in Berlin! App marketers and experts from the industry will gather together to share the latest app marketing trends and strategies. It is a great opportunity to learn from industry colleagues and build a strong network

Dates: May 12, 2022

Location: Berlin, Germany

Price: Free (invite-only)

App Promotion Summit NYC

App Promotion Summit will be welcomed in New York City in 2022, and this year the event is back live! You can attend the talks and workshops in-person and boost your knowledge of app store marketing, app advertising, and app engagement. Don’t miss a chance to learn trending ASO tactics and strategies from America’s top app growth experts.

Dates: May 19, 2022

Location: Online & NYC, USA

Price: Free - $750

Affiliate Summit East

affiliate summit east

If you are working for an e-commerce app,  Affiliate Summit is just right for you. Summit will have 60+ sessions that cover e-commerce strategies, Facebook ads, tactics for increasing quality traffic, and much more. You can create new partnerships with people from the e-commerce industry and grow your business!

Dates: May 24-25, 2022

Location: NYC, USA

Price: $199 - $499

App Growth Masterminds London

Another App Growth Masterminds will take place in London this year. A personalized event that gathers a limited number of mobile app marketing experts for sharing the tactics and strategies in a closed-door format. You can expect to learn from real stories and experiences, and exchange ideas with leaders in mobile app growth. Request your invitation today as the places are strictly limited! 

Dates: May 26, 2022

Location: London, UK

Price: Free (invite-only)

Game Access Conference 2022

Game Access Conference gathers all the passionate game developers to celebrate the development of the game industry. Of course, expect not only to celebrate the fast-growing game development but also to learn from the industry’s heroes. 1500+ attendees, lots of inspiring speakers, and uncountable opportunities for networking. This is more than just a mobile app developer conference, it is a hub of knowledge for marketers, developers, and UX & graphic designers

Dates: May 27-28, 2022

Location: Brno, Czech Republic

Price: TBA

Mobile App Conferences and Development Events in June 2022

MAU Vegas 2022

The world's leading mobile acquisition and retention summit will finally take place in-person in Vegas in 2022. The community of mobile marketers, brands, and app owners will come together to exchange their knowledge of mobile growth. Speakers from well-known companies like Facebook and A+E Networks will cover a variety of topics about mobile marketing. Moreover, you can apply to hold a session and speak out about your expertise! 

Dates: Jun 6-8, 2022

Location: Las Vegas, USA

Price: TBA

MGS Brands 2022

MGS Brands is a unique conference that focuses on the development, publishing, and marketing of mobile apps. You can be sure to learn from the mobile app and online marketing professionals about strategies on how to grow your app business. Lectures and panels will cover topics of user experience, programmatic trends, best practices of mobile app strategies, and etc. Follow the updates on MGS website as the final agenda is still to be announced. 

Dates: Jun 23, 2022

Location: NYC, USA

Price: TBA

MWC Shanghai

MWC Shanghai is the most influential event for the connectivity industry in Asia. Mobile and tech industry experts will share the latest news from the mobile development industry and discuss the upcoming innovations in the industry. Attend the event to stay up to date with the latest mobile trends! 

Dates: Jun 29 - Jul 1, 2022

Location: Shanghai, China

Price: TBA

Mobile App Conferences and Development Events in July 2022

App Growth Masterminds Rio 2022

This year App Growth Mastermind will also welcome the app marketing experts from South America in Rio de Janeiro. As organizers announced, this mobile app event will gather a limited but highly-experienced amount of app marketers in order to exchange off-the-record information from the industry. Interested to participate? Then request your invitation and be ready to boost your app marketing knowledge!

Dates: Jul 14, 2022

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Price: Free (invite-only)

App Growth Masterminds Seattle 2022

Later in July, you will have another opportunity to join App Growth Mastermind, this time in Seattle. The same limited and intimate format but with other mobile app marketing experts and new networking possibilities. You have a unique opportunity to learn what strategies and approaches are working and what is not from the app marketing industry leaders.  

Dates: Jul 28, 2022

Location: Seattle, USA

Price: Free (invite-only)

Mobile App Conferences and Development Events in August 2022


''Everything and everyone that matters in the game’s world met at digital Gamescom'' - says organizers of Europe's most comprehensive business platform for the games industry. This event brings together the game developers, game community, and interested third parties to cultivate business relationships. The official agenda of the event is still to be announced, however, it is already time to book dates in your calendar for Gamescom. 

Dates: Aug 24 - 28, 2022

Location: Cologne, Germany

Price: TBA

Mobile App Conferences and Development Events in September 2022

App Growth Masterminds Berlin 2022

app growth masterminds berlin 2022

Finally, App Growth Masterminds will be welcomed in Berlin in September this year. That’s a great opportunity for the leading European app marketers to come together and brainstorm new ideas. If you are looking to improve your app’s success, this event is definitely for you!

Dates: Sep 1, 2022

Location: Berlin, Germany

Price: Free (invite-only)

Droidcon NYC 2022

Droidcon is one of the oldest and consistent mobile app developer conference for Android developers around the world. 2 full days of tech talks and professional networking sounds like a great opportunity for your app business. Even if your app is currently developed only for iOS, you can still learn a lot about new tech hacks from developers around the world. 

Dates: Sep 1 - 2, 2022

Location: NYC, USA

Price: $295 - $495

App Growth Summit London 2022

The main goal of the App Growth Summit is to create maximum high-quality connections and in-depth learning opportunities. Therefore, attending App Growth Summit in London is a great chance for you to connect with app marketing experts and learn the latest trends from leading companies in the app marketing industry.

Dates: Sep 15, 2022

Location: London, UK

Price: Free (invite-only)

Tokyo Game Show 2022

Tokyo Game Show is one of the biggest events in Asia that gathers the game industry together. You can expect sessions and keynote talks full of insightful information about the future development of the game industry. Follow the TGS website for more information as the official program is still to be announced!

Dates: Sep 15 - 18, 2022

Location: Tokyo, Japan 

Price: TBA

MGS Europe 2022

MGS Europe is a publisher-focused conference that will help you to boost your knowledge about mobile app user acquisition, monetization, retention and engagement, data science, and analytics. You can expect to learn from mobile growth and brand marketing professionals. Want to know how to level up your app marketing strategy? Then mark your calendar for MGS in September!

Dates: Sep 21, 2022

Location: Berlin, Germany 

Price: TBA

Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki

Another global mobile app developer conference will take place in Helsinki this year. If you can’t join Pocket Gamer Connects in February, this is a great chance to still hear the game’s innovative content. You can be sure to learn about the latest trends and technical insights, new ways to monetize and grow your mobile game. 

Dates: Sep 27 - 28, 2022

Location: Helsinki, Finland 

Price: TBA

App Growth Masterminds NYC

Limited to 40 experts in closed-door discussions, App Growth Masterminds creates a unique opportunity for app marketers to learn from each other. This mobile app event guarantees you a high-quality networking and app marketing knowledge exchange.  

Dates: Sep 29, 2022

Location: NYC, USA

Price: Free (invite-only)

Mobile App Conferences and Development Events in October 2022

App Growth Summit SF 2022

App Growth Summit in San Francisco is a flagship event for the mobile app community. The content of the summit is aimed at helping app marketers and gaming companies successfully finish 2022 and provide valuable information for 2023! 

Dates: Oct 20, 2022

Location: San Francisco, USA

Price: Free (invite-only)

App Growth Masterminds LA 2022

Limited to 50 experts, this unique format event will bring together app marketers from the western coast of the US. You can expect a fresh and positive environment full of open-minded and experienced industry leaders. Don’t forget to request your invitation as the places are limited. 

Dates: Oct 27, 2022

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Price: Free (invite-only)

Mobile App Conferences and Development Events in November 2022

Devoxx Belgium 2022

Devoxx Belgium is a huge event organized by developers and for developers. There are 10 main tracks that will focus on different aspects of programming and coding. You can be sure that this event will provide first-class tech content. Get ready to network, hack, get inspired, and learn from the best developers! 

Dates: Nov 7 - 11, 2022

Location: Kinepolis, Belgium

Price: TBA

Mobile App Conferences and Development Events in December 2022

App Promotion Summit Berlin

app promotion summit berlin 2022

App Promotion Summit in Berlin is the last event from the APS series in 2022. You’ll be among 2000 attendees learning everything there is to know about app marketing and app growth. Note that the conference will take place in person and then continue to be online. So, you can decide which format is the best for you. 

In case you missed APS in 2021, check out our summary and takeaways from the summit in Berlin

Dates: In-person Dec 1, 2022 & Online Dec 7 - 9, 2022

Location: Berlin, Germany

Price: TBA

App Growth Summit Singapore 2022

This is the fifth App Growth Summit in Singapore that gathers the most influential app growth experts from the APAC region. The content of the mobile app event will be focused on high-quality user acquisition, user retention and engagement, and app growth strategies. Sign up earlier as the places are limited!

Dates: Dec 8, 2022

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Price: Free (invite-only)


Did we miss any events? Let us know and we'll be sure to add it to the list. We hope that 2022 will allow all of us to attend in-person as many professional events as possible. So, if you see our team walking around, don't be shy and come say hi!

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