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Every element of an App Store Product Page has the power to drive downloads. The App Title, however, is an even more important ASO factor. After the App Icon, the App Title is the first impression that a user gets of your app. At the same time, keywords placed in the app title are also considered very important by search algorithms in major app stores.

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ASO mechanics in a nutshell

Breaking down the different components that can affect your App Store Optimization, we like to differentiate between Influencable and Uninfluencable factors.

Influencable factors, like keywords placed in the title, are components, you can optimize by yourself.

ASO-Factors like Installs, are Uninfluencable as you cannot control them. They are just influenced by your customers.

Character limitations for app title

Goolge Play and App Store, both give prescribe benchmarks for app titles. For optimal presentation on every device your app name should meet the following requirements.

Effects on ASO

An app’s title plays a critical role in how users find the app. Moreover, it is the most important piece of metadata, used by major app store’s ranking algorithms.

The title of an app should be unique and creative, yet clear and preferably short. The search ranking algorithm of app stores handles the app title as important metadata. Hence, you should make sure it contains the most relevant keywords for your app. App Titles, however, should not get stuffed with all possible keywords.

Beneath the app icon, the app name is the most important and first impression a user gets. So your app title shoud be primarly readable and focused. Also, it should have a high recognition value, letting them remember your app. If you offer your app in various countries, make sure to also localize the app title.

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