We Want You

App Radar is one of the fastest growing app marketing startups in Europe. Do you want to join a company that has just acquired its competitor and is doubling its numbers constantly?

Right now is THE time to jump on our high-speed train! So come on board!

We've Got Some Cool Benefits

High Growth

App industry is booming. It's as simple as that. We're doubling our numbers constantly and just announced acquiring our competitor.

Free Drinks/Snacks

(logical, doh!)

Global Business

Our 30,000+ clients are located all around the world, actually we're helping them to execute their business in 160+ countries.

Work from Home

Find the best schedule for you - most of us conveniently combine dressing up for the office with PJs at home.

Flat Hierarchies

We work as a team for the team. Take responsibility and learn from experienced colleagues at the same time.

Self Growth

We highly value continuous development for our team's professional and personal skills.

So Thinks Our Team...

I like how open-minded people are at App Radar. As an UX designer, I enjoy learning from different teams, their perspectives and expectations. It's really motivating that everyone wants to improve and constantly try out new things.

UX Designer

Quite frankly, I like working with colleagues who are good at what they do and challenge me to grow constantly. As part of my daily job, I have discussions with clients all over the planet, which I enjoy a lot. This also challenges me to take into consideration their various cultures and backgrounds.

Customer Success Manager

What I enjoy the most about working at App Radar, is the diversity - my colleagues and client projects are from various industries and countries. It's really helping me to speed up my own growth. And as a team, we work on one joint mission that we all share: helping apps & mobile games become more successful!

App Marketing Expert

I appreciate that as an app marketing consultant, I can clearly see the impact I'm having on my clients success. The need to combine analytical thinking with creative ideas makes every day different and exciting.

App Marketing Expert

Find your match

We strongly believe that finding the right job position and company for you is just as important as finding the right team member for us. So if you prefer more corporate lifestyle and don't enjoy speed, then probably we're not the best match for you.

Join Group of Global Marketing Consultants

We strongly believe work is just serious play. We empower team members to be creative, foster thinking laterally and most importantly to have fun.


Our in-house app growth team is responsible for the success of our clients worldwide. They run organic and paid user acquisition campaigns for some of the biggest names in mobile industry.

We're currently looking for:
Senior App Marketing Manager
Planning and execution of marketing campaigns for your accounts
Team Lead User Acquisition
Develop frameworks and best practices to support implementation
Junior App Marketing Manager
Manage Apple Search Ads and Google App Campaigns

Bring Ideas into Reality - Build Our Software

"As COO of App Radar, I truly believe that our development team is one of our biggest assets. We build the solutions and are responsible for creating an innovative, great and stable software." Silvio, COO


Our Development team works closely together with Product team to conceptualize and build solutions. We love to work with big data, we thrive to deliver performance-optimized code and most importantly, we work as a dedicated team where everybody can level up their skills and take on responsibility but also receives support from senior level experts.

We're currently looking for:
Head of Development
Lead our development teams to produce and deliver quality software

Still not convinced?

Well, there's only two things to say here: we're doubling our business numbers regularly and just announced acquiring our competitor. And we have super cool hoodies. What else is there to consider?

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