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App Radar Publisher

Manage, edit and publish. For iOS and Android.

App Radar Publisher is the first tool that enables you to handle app store listings for both, Google Play & Apple App Store in one easy-to-use tool. Optimize and publish your apps like never before.

No SDK required.

It just works. Out of the box.

You don’t have to integrate big junks of SDK’s and various packages in your project. Just connect your developer account and you are ready. It’s that easy.

Localization Overview

Manage all your localized store listings.

App Radar Publisher helps you to keep an overview of all your translations. Add, copy and duplicate them with ease to make your app shine in every language.

Painless screenshot upload.

Upload and sort your screenshots.

Upload, automatically sort, and localize your screenshots directly within App Radar Publisher. Never again spend hours sorting them. The smart screenshot uploader saves you valuable time.

Optimization on the fly.

Optimize your keyword strategy.

With the built-in ASO Tool integration, you can get your keyword rankings right to where it matters the most - your keyword input field. See the performance of your keywords at a glance.

Easy version control.

Compare your app versions.

Keep an overview of all your previous metadata versions and compare them to see which version had the best perfomance.

Request translations.

Manage various translations the easiest way.

Improve the way you cooperate with translators for localizing your app store listings. Select the language you want to see your metadata in and send a request to your translator to fill in all relevant app page fields directly in App Radar. So, you only have to approve and accept it then.

Goodbye clunky interfaces.

Start saving valuable time.

We built App Radar Publisher to boost the process of optimizing and publishing mobile apps. It helps app developers and marketers to edit, prepare and update all elements of their app store listings in both, Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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