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Get a summary of any apps' reviews in just a few clicks for Google Play and App Store

With App Radar's new AI-based User Review Summaries feature, you save time and get the insights you need to stay ahead of your app competitors

Based on Generative AI, App Radar’s new feature takes the hassle out of analyzing hundreds of user reviews, giving you a comprehensive understanding of competitors’ apps in just a few clicks. Get summarized information on what features your competitors are offering, what their users are saying, and how they’re performing – have the edge you need to make informed decisions about your own mobile app.

Select any app & date range
Choose a country of reviews
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Discover the insightful AI Review Summaries of top mobile apps

Gain valuable knowledge by reviewing the detailed and informative summaries of apps, which highlight both their successes and failures
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More than 100,000+ apps have used App Radar to optimize their app store ranking and get more downloads



With AI App Review Summaries, finding the strengths and weaknesses of my clients (and their competitors) apps has become an easy task! It delivers
the ChatGPT outputs I’m used to, in a fast and convenient way. Great starting point for ads, copy and screenshot ideation directly from App Radar’s UI!

Marcus Burke
App Growth Consultant
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I save 90% of time for App updates thanks to features like the Store Listing Bulk Editor. I can now update our games’ store listings for several languages every week.

Juliane Besler
Marketing Manager, Kolibri Games
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Rolling out your app to the world sometimes lets you lose sight of which markets to focus on. The App Radar Optimization Score really helps us keep an overview and set priorities.

Alexander Marktl
CEO, iTranslate
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From App Radar's platform, we can quickly and easily see how apps are performing across a huge range of categories. It's perfect for any business that wants to undertake deep market research, see how their competitors are performing or use app downloads to better understand wider customer behaviour.

Robert Bownes
CEO of Old Street Communications

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Don't miss your chance to get a head start with App Radar's integration with OpenAI