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Get to know App Radar’s feature set engineered for growth.

Are you looking for a sleek way to release app updates? Do you want to monitor search rankings and competitors? App Radar has all the features combined to help you get things done faster.

Analyze App Store Visibility

Examine how users find your app on the Google Play Store, iOS App Store and TV App Store.

Optimize Metadata

Take your app information from good to perfect with useful hands-on features.

Report without Effort

Present your efforts to your team or boss with the help of lucid charts and automated reports.

Feature Highlights:

Mobile & tvOS App Store Support

Search Keyword Rankings

Prepare & Export App Updates

Real-Time Optimization Score

Analyze App Store Visibility

Monitor keyword rankings & Top Charts positions.

App Radar lets you analyze how your apps perform in Google Play Store, iOS App Store and tvOS App Store. Track your apps’ position in search results and Top Charts and never miss a ranking change.

  • Top Charts Rankings


  • Keyword Rankings
  • tvOS Rankings


25+ App Store Territories

App store search rankings can differ from country to country. This is why App Radar provides an easy way to keep track of your keyword rankings worldwide.

Reliable Keyword Data

Keep track of your app store keyword rankings and get the most accurate data in the industry. Make the right decisions and lead your App Store Optimization to success.

Competitor Tracking

App Radar’s competitor inspector lets you easily examine contesting apps to gain accurate data on your competitors’ keyword rankings, ratings, and app information.

AI-based keyword suggestions

Don’t spend valuable time on extensive keyword research. App Radar gives you a complete set of AI-based keyword suggestions to track.

Visual Ranking History

See how your keyword rankings have changed over time. View your search and top charts positions in a handy chart.

Ranking Data CSV Export

Easily export keyword ranking data in a CSV-file with App Radar. Just choose a time frame and app to use it for backups or special reports.

AI-based competitor and keyword suggestions.

You don’t need to be a full-time ASO expert to drive great results.

App Radar provides suggestions for keywords and possible competitors. The more you update your app information and interact with App Radar, the better the suggestions will get.

Optimize App Store Metadata

Prepare updates and push your changes right to the app stores.

You can manage app information way more quickly in a unified interface for Google Play and Apple App Store. That makes it easy to prepare app updates within a few minutes.

Manage Multiple Localizations

App Radar helps you keep an overview of all your app store localizations. Add and edit app store information with ease to make your app shine in every language.

App Information Quick Editor

The Quick Editor feature lets you change app information across various app store localizations at once.

Analyze and Optimize at once

Don’t waste time switching tools. App Radar is an ASO Tool and app management console in one. Optimize your metadata and gain ranking insights right on one screen.

App Information Changelog

Forget about spreadsheets. All the activity and effort spent on ASO you can now track while preparing app updates.

Conversions & App Metrics

Just with a few clicks, you can see the exact conversion rates and analyze app store impressions, store views, downloads and sales metrics.

Handy Release Management

Save valuable time for pushing app updates. App Radar lets you manage app releases while optimizing your ASO keyword strategy.

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This is how it works:

  • Create an account and connect App Radar with your developer account.
  • View your Optimization Score and get tips on how to improve your metadata.
  • Import your current app page and create a new version for making changes.
  • View and edit your app information while having your keyword rankings in view.
  • Export your ASO update to App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) or Google Play Console.
  • Analyze your search visibility and stay ahead of ranking changes.

Hasslefree App Store Optimization.

If you strive for working more efficiently, this feature is for you. App Radar points out optimization potential in your app information and helps you prepare app updates right in one tool. Simply follow the optimization tips and see how your Optimization Score improves.

  • Check if your app page is optimized for search
  • Improve your app information following the iterative checklist
  • Take action right away & optimize metadata in App Radar
  • Get instant Optimization Score feedback on your drafts

Monitor your TV apps.NEW

App Radar is the first tool to take cross-platform App Store Optimization to the next level. Now you can not only track and update your iOS and Android Apps but you can also optimize your apps and games in tvOS App Store.

Report without Effort

Get handy visibility reports right to your inbox or Slack channel.

App Radar sends you regular updates on your app’s search position directly to your Inbox or Slack channel. It spotlights ranking changes. You can even export your report as a CSV-file to further use the data for presentations to your team members or boss.

App Radar supported us in growing our app business. Using this great tool, we’ve managed to retain a high level of organic user stream over the years.
App Radar helped me reaching top positions on high priority keywords to boost my app’s organic traffic and revenue significantly.
Using App Radar made us understand the app store ecosystem so we could achieve 1 Million downloads worldwide and become a leading app company.

No SDK required

You don’t have to integrate chunks of SDKs or various packages in your app. All you need is your App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) or Google Play Console account.

All you need in one tool

App Radar supports you throughout the whole ASO process. Track your keyword rankings, analyze and take action right in the same tool.

One interface for all stores

We have combined App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) and Google Play in one centralized interface. So, you can manage your iOS, Android and tvOS apps in one place.

Setup done in minutes. First results within hours.

Start your 14-day free trial today and explore every feature within App Radar without any limits.