Data Security Policy – DSP

Applicable as of 20.11.2020


“ App Store Marketing Services (ASMS)”: Standardized consulting services offered by App Radar.


“Collected Data”:  data collected and processed by App Radar by connecting or granting access to Developer Consoles and other 3rd party tools on behalf of the Contractual Partner and data provided by Contractual Partner (e.g. entered uploaded data). Public data directly available via the App Stores is not Collected Data.


“Developer Consoles and 3rd Party Tools”: online third-party data sites, services and sources, which may include, without limitation, Apple App Store Connect, Google Play Console and other app stores, as well as digital distribution, analytics, advertising, such as Apple Search Ads and Google Ad Manager and monetization platforms.


“Tool”: App Radar’s App Store Optimization Tool, offered as a SaaS Tool.

Area of Application

App Radar’s Data Security Policy (DSP) applies to all and any transactions and / or dealings  between App Radar and Contractual Partners.


Issues not governed in this DSP are regulated by App Radar’s Privacy Policy and/ or within TToS and/or CToS. In the event of conflict the terms of this DSP shall prevail. 


The Contractual Partner acknowledges and agrees that they have the authorization, or have obtained the authorization, to grant App Radar all the rights required for App Radar’s Tool to function, and that they have acted in accordance with their company policies.


Contractual Partners should review this Policy in accordance with their company’s policies to confirm that their provision of consent is within their authority and consistent with their company’s policies regarding the collected data. 

Developer Consoles Connections

App Radar offers two two methods to connect Developer Consoles to the App Radar Tool.

  • Direct Connection: Developer Consoles Account Information such as the username and hashed password are stored.
  • Alternative Connection: No Developer Consoles account credentials are stored.

Reason for Data Collection and Types of collected Data

For the usage of App Radar Tool and the carrying out of App Marketing Consulting Services by App Radar to the Contract Partner, data collection is necessary.

Rights Granted by Contract Partner to App Radar

By using App Radar Tool (and ASMS), Contractual Partner expressly authorizes App Radar to access and use the Contractual Partner’s Collected Data maintained by the App Stores. App Radar will submit the Contractual Partner’s Developer Consoles Account Information that the Contractual Partner provides to App Radar to access the App Stores. Developer Consoles Account Information is always stored in accordance with App Radar’s Privacy Policy.


For purposes of running the Tool, the provision of ASMS and to provide Collected Data to the Contractual Partner, the Contractual Partner grants a limited power of attorney, and appoints App Radar as the Contractual Partner’s attorney in-fact and agent, to access Developer Consoles, store their Developer Consoles Account Information and retrieve and use their Collected Data with the full power and authority to do and perform each action necessary in connection with such activities, as the Contractual Partner could do in person (including configuring App Radar so that it is compatible with the App Stores for which the Contractual Partner submits information).


The Contractual Partner acknowledges and agrees that App Radar is acting as agent of the Contractual Partner and not on behalf or as an agent of a third party while accessing / retrieving Contractual Partner’s collected data. Moreover, the Contractual Partner acknowledges and agrees that App Radar is not acting as their agent when using Collected data to generate and provide estimates of App Performance to Contractual Partners.

Usage of Collected Data

App Radar may access and include a Contractual Partner’s Collected Data in the pool of data used by App Radar to generate and provide estimates of app performance (e.g., downloads, revenues), including across publishers, geographies and marketplaces, to subscribers of App Radar. Subscribers to App Radar never receive a Contractual Partner’s specific set of Collected Data in an identifiable form. The Contractual Partner hereby acknowledges and consents to the use of their Collected Data in this manner by using App Radar.


Estimates generated by App Radar may include performance estimates of the Contractual Partner’s apps. These estimates are derived from aggregated pools of information that may include Contractual Partner’s Collected Data. Such estimates are non-identifiable even though the estimates may be very similar to the actual performance data provided as part of the Contractual Partner’s Collected Data and the estimates may specifically name each app and publisher.


In addition to the foregoing, the Contractual Partner hereby agrees to provide App Radar with data that App Radar will use in an anonymized way to build and operate new services and products.

Disclosure of Collected Data

App Radar will not, except as set out herein, provide Collected Data to a third party in an identifiable form without the Contractual Partner’s consent, unless this is required by law, such as to comply with a subpoena or similar legal process, or when App Radar in good faith concludes that disclosure is necessary to protect App Radar’s rights, implement a change of control transaction, protect the Contractual Partner’s safety or the safety of others, investigate fraud, or respond to a government request.The Contractual Partner understands and agrees that App Radar may not be sponsored or endorsed by any third parties accessible through App Radar.


A limited number of App Radar employees may log in to App Radar on the Contractual Partner’s account in order to maintain the Services. Employees of App Radar are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure the privacy of your Collected Data and Developer Consoles Account Information.


Upon the Contractual Partner’s written request, App Radar will delete their account and associated account information (such as contact details, email addresses and Developer Consoles Account Information). App Radar will immediately cease any future collection of Collected Data upon deletion of the account, any Collected Data that has already been included in the pool of data used by App Radar will be retained. Additional information can be found in the Privacy Policy.

Information Security

The use of App Radar requires sensitive statistical and financial data to be stored on App Radar’s servers. 


Steps have been taken to ensure this data stays private. While using App Radar, all data that is transferred between the Contractual Partner’s computer and App Radar’s servers is encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

Third Party Terms

Contract Partners are required to follow third party terms (especially but not limited to terms of App Stores) and act in accordance with them while employing App Radar Tool or App Marketing Services that are provided in connection with such third parties.


Contract Partners acknowledge that if third parties discontinue or deny services to them and that the provision of App Radar Tool or App Marketing services is thus prevented partially or in total, that these are circumstances beyond App Radar’s control and grant Contractual Partners no rights vis-a-vis App Radar.

Indemnification for App Radar

The Contractual Partner agrees to indemnify and hold App Radar, their directors, officers, employees and suppliers harmless to the fullest extent of applicable law from any claim, action, demand, loss, liability, damage, cost or expense (including, without limitation, legal fees) arising from or in connection with a Contractual Partner’s breach of this DSP a Contractual Partner’s violation of any laws or regulations or third-party rights (such as  intellectual property or privacy rights) any content the Contractual Partner submitted to or through App Radar any dispute the Contractual Partner has or may have with other users or any third party.


App Radar’s DSP is only authoritative in the English language; translation into other languages constitute merely aids for convenience.


Questions about the DSP can be addressed to:


App Radar Software GmbH

LastenstraĂźe 13a

8020 Graz


Email: [email protected]