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Posted in January 2017 by Thomas Kriebernegg

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Tracking app visibility is the one thing. Managing, optimizing and publishing apps is the other thing. Over the last year, we have been working hard to give app developers a better understanding of their app’s visibility within the two major app stores – the Apple App Store and Google Play. Now our second Tool App Radar Publisher is finally available! So here is our story about how we got here.

Keep track of your app’s visibility within the app stores

Our product App Radar Keyword Tracker got a lot of positive feedback for its very intuitive usability and groundbreaking UI / UX design. We also made a rebranding over the last few month and now just call it App Radar ASO Tool. As we took every possible extra mile, we are also very proud to offer the most accurate keyword tracking data for apps – for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store – to optimize the App Store Optimization efforts of our users and clients.

App Radar ASO Tool Preview

What really drives us when we create products are the 3 main points we focus on:

  1. Usefulness
  2. Quality
  3. Outstanding design & usability

In comparison to our competitors, it may seem that we are only providing a limited set of features. The reason for this is quite simple: It is our premise that we only provide useful information and tools that don’t lead our users to wrong decisions by presenting them made up data. Especially when it comes to the topic App Store Optimization, there is a lot of wrong knowledge out there and wrong interpretation of data sets.

Being part of the app game is the only way to understand the problems of building an app business

As it’s part of our DNA to provide useful products, we are forcing ourselves to be part of the apps and mobile games field. So, we understand all pain points when it comes to managing and marketing apps. We believe that this is the only way to provide real value and solve real problems.

App Radar Publisher

Sticking to our DNA (usefulness, quality, and outstanding design & usability) we have been thinking of what would be the next logical step after tracking the visibility of your apps within the app stores and giving developers a better understanding of how to improve it by transferring our data based knowledge.

The Next Step: Publishing and Managing Apps at Scale

The next logical step is the process of publishing and managing app updates. Seems right, doesn’t it? You develop an app, you develop a marketing strategy and optimize the metadata for your app, you order translations, create a ton of different screenshots and then comes the point where all these things must be deployed. You log into your App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) account to copy & paste a ton load of different strings and descriptions. After that, you have to upload your app screenshots for all languages you are supporting. Based on the number of languages you are providing your app in, this process takes up to two days or even more if you are doing it for the first time.

App Radar Publisher makes App Publishing Easy

So, we have been evaluating this process and have been researching possibilities how to improve it. There is one Open Source service out there created by Felix Krause called FastLane. Felix (really a smart guy, also from Austria 🇦🇹) did an amazing job .Instead of wasting your time on App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) you can manage the metadata of your apps with the help of commands you enter in your terminal.

We really like this solution and used it as a base for the App Radar Publisher.

Why we created the App Radar Publisher

You might ask yourself why we developed a new product when there was already the one of Felix? Well, the reason is quite simple, we believe that the target audience of FastLane mainly consists of developers. But with more and more apps pushing into the app stores the task of managing and publishing apps has been increasingly shifted over to the marketing department because the task of optimizing apps to get more users is getting more and more important. Therefore, we set out to create a product that focuses on this target audience.

App Radar Publisher is out now! App Publishing made easy.

This is App Radar Publisher

App Radar Publisher is our second product for App Radar that helps app developers and especially app marketers to edit, publish and prepare app updates for Apple App Store AND Google Play Store. It comes with handy quick editor for easy metadata translation handling, smart screenshot upload that automatically sorts your screenshots at lets you easily localize them directly within App Radar Publisher, version control, and many more features.

If you are interested, get yourself a free trial account and check it out!

Thomas Kriebernegg
Thomas Kriebernegg is the CEO and Co-Founder of App Radar. Besides being one of the most followed persons on Quora and helping app businesses around the world grow, he can be found on windy places doing kitesurfing or enjoying the one or other trail with his mountainbike.

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