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Keyword tracking is the first step of optimizing. Become a big player by knowing exactly how your app performs in app store searches. App Radar ASO Tool gives you this knowledge for the lowest-possible effort.

Multiple store support.

Gain Google Play & Apple App Store insights.

The App Radar ASO Tool gives you insights into how users can find your app in app stores. Keep track of your keyword rankings in both, Google Play & Apple App Store.

Popularity and traffic estimation.

Find out if you are optimizing for the right keywords.

With the help of the popularity index, you find out how popular keywords are and can optimize your apps accordingly.

Track multiple apps.

Keep your apps close but your competitors closer.

Keyword tracking for your own apps lets you determine if they are findable for users. Tracking your competitor apps helps you detect optimization potential.

Think international.

Track keywords in multiple countries & languages.

Your app is translated into different languages but you have no idea if users abroad can find it? Time to stop guessing - start tracking in multiple countries and languages.

Advanced keyword management.

Keyword research has never been easier.

With the help of our advanced keyword manager you can find new keywords easier than ever before. Track trending keywords and track suggested keywords directly from the App Stores.

Daily Keyword Reports.

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Never miss an important performance change again. Notifications are delivered directly to your Mailbox and Slack channel.

Why App Store Optimization?

There are roughly 5 million apps available at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store letting developers face an enormous amount of competition. At the same time, app store search is the number one method for users to find apps. So, increasing their apps' visibility in app stores is the biggest issue faced by mobile app owners. App Store Optimization is the most efficient way to increase an apps findability and download rate.

Track your apps' performance with the ASO Tool

Every month, roughly 100.000 new apps get released. Unfortunately, most of them will never get to the right users. Even if your app is actually amazing, there’s no guarantee to get enough app downloads. App Radar ASO Tool automatically analyses keyword rankings for your apps on a regular basis. This delivers you key insights to take the right steps in order to optimize them for increased visibility and more installs.

Advantages of using the ASO Tool

  • The most accurate, daily updated keyword rankings.

  • Monitoring results are delivered on a daily basis via email or Slack.

  • Internationalization is a hot topic, the ASO Tool delivers accurate rankings for various languages and countries. (the list gets extended continuously)

  • App Store Optimization is one of the most efficient marketing strategies for apps. It allows you to generate significant higher download rates with little effort and less money.

  • App Radar ASO Tool supports both, Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

  • The ASO Tool automatically analyzes your keyword rankings and gives you a clear overview of important ASO factors without the need of manual effort.

* 14-day free trial. Cancel anytime. Only available until 31st October.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ASO Tool about?

The ASO Tool is a module of App Radar. It gives you insights to app store keyword rankings. Based on accurate data, you are able to take the right optimization steps and to better understand your current position.

Which app stores does the ASO Tool support?

App Radar ASO Tool supports both major app stores. You can track keywords for your android and iOS app within Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

How many keywords can I track for my apps?

With App Radar ASO Tool you can set up to 150 different keywords in various languages. Use this set to track keyword rankings for your own and your competitor apps.

Can I change keywords I am tracking?

You can change your keyword set for App Radar ASO Tool any time. Just go to Settings > Manage Keywords to add or remove terms from your keyword set.

Can I track rankings for the same keyword in different countries?

Even though there is the same language used in two separate countries, the rankings can dramatically fluctuate between the localized stores. The ASO Tool automatically syncs your keywords for countries with the same default language so your keyword list is always at the latest state.

Is the keyword set in App Radar ASO Tool the same as in iTunes Connect?

No, the keyword set in the ASO Tool is independent from your keyword field in iTunes Connect. Keywords, you set in App Radar ASO Tool should be potential search terms, like users would use them to search for your app. Thus, you get a feeling of how easy users could find your app using app store search.

I have already signed up for App Radar Publisher. Can I also make use of the ASO Tool?

You can use the features of App Radar ASO Tool too, if you add a new license to your project. (Click on Add New App)

Can I try out App Radar ASO Tool for free?

All App Radar plans come with a free 14-day trial, which you can cancel anytime. To give you the best feeling for our product, there is no feature limitation during the trial.
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* 14-day free trial. Cancel anytime. Only available until 31st October.