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Google Play & Apple App Store ASO.

With the App Radar Keyword Tracker ASO Tool you can track your app performance within the Apple App Store and also Google Play.

Popularity & Traffic Estimation

Find out if you are optimizing for the right keywords.

With the help of the popularity feature you can find out how popular your keywords are and optimize your apps accordingly.

Track multiple Apps

Keep your Apps close. Keep your Competitors closer.

Tracking your own apps helps you find out if you are findable. Tracking your competitor helps you explore optimization potential.

Languages and Countries

Multiple Countries. Multiple Languages.

Your app is translated into different languages but you have no idea if they are finding it abroad? Time to stop guessing and time to start tracking in multiple countries.

Advanced Keyword Manager

Keyword research has never been more fun.

With the help of our advanced keyword manager you can find new keywords easier than ever before. Track trending keywords and track suggested keywords directly from the App Stores.

Daily Keyword Reports

Straight to your Slack and Inbox.

Never miss an important performance change again. Notifications are delivered directly to your Mailbox and Slack channel.

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Why App Store Optimization?

There are roughly 3.1 million different apps available at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and developers face an enormous amount of competition. App Radar Keyword Tracker is part of the App Radar family and is a tool that helps you navigate the jungle of App Store Optimization. App Radar Keyword Tracker automatically analyses keywords for your Apps on a regular basis in order to deliver key insights for increasing visibility and downloads.

Improve your app performance with this ASO tool

ASO tools like App Radar Keyword Tracker have the goal of increasing the visibility of your app within Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The process of ASO (App Store Optimization) is comparable with that of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By optimizing relevant keywords, your app’s ranking within app stores improves. App Store Optimization increases the visibility of your app and opens the door to more downloads.

Advantages of Keyword Tracker

Frequently asked Questions

What is an ASO Tool?

App Radar’s Keyword Tracker is an ASO Tool (App Store Optimization Tool). An App Store Optimization tool, platform or how we like to call our product App Store Optimization Software supports you finding out if your app is visible within the app stores and helps you improve your app’s meta data to gain higher visibility.

Which App Stores does the Keyword Tracker support?

App Radar Keyword Tracker supports both major app stores. You can track keywords for your android and iOS app within Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

How many keywords can I track for my apps?

With Keyword Tracker you can track up to 15 keywords for free. With Keyword Tracker PRO you can track rankings for up to 100 keywords for your apps and the apps of your competitors.

Can I change keywords I am tracking?

You can manage your keywords within the Keyword Tracker web app.

Can I track keywords within different countries?

With the Keyword Tracker, you can track your keywords in one app store and one country of your choice. Keyword Tracker PRO gives you the possibility to track your keywords in every supported country and language. We are currently supporting the languages English (United States and United Kingdom), German (Germany and Austria) and French (France).

How many apps can I track?

With App Radar’s Keyword Tracker you can track one app in one app store. You can choose which app and if it should be tracked within the Apple App Store or Google Play. With Keyword Tracker PRO you can track up to 4 of your own and 6 of your competitor’s apps.

What does the ranking number besides my keywords mean?

The number implicates the position your app is ranking for when someone searches for the keyword within the app stores (Apple App Store or Google Play). If your ranking value is “#1”, congrats, your app is the first one, a user sees when searching for the specific keyword.

Can I edit my keyword notifications?

App Radar Keyword Tracker will send you your daily ranking reports to your email address. You can additionally add a Slack integration and receive your keyword rankings directly into your Slack.

Why are keywords important for my app?

Depending on the category of your app, organic downloads (when someone searches for phrases within the app stores) can make up to 90% of all your app downloads. Your potential customers thereby use different words to search for your app. So you better should rank well for relevant keywords. Hence, the better your ranking for relevant keywords, the more likely users finds your app and download it. If you want to learn more about the ASO basics, check out our ASO Guide to learn more about App Store Optimization.

Will there be additional App Radar products to improve my app marketing process?

There will be! Our Keyword Tracker is just the first part of our App Radar family. We are continuously working for further solutions, to support you within the processes of App Store Optimization and App Marketing. Subscribe to our newsletter and you will be one of the first to get news of more awesome app marketing products.

Your plans do not meet my requirements, what can I do?

App Radar is based on a license model. You can easily upgrade existing plans by purchasing a second license and doubling all limits (20 apps, 200 keywords). If that’s still not enough do not hesitate to contact us, we will find a solution.

Can I track my seach rankings on Google with the help of the App Radar Keyword Tracker?

No, the App Radar Keyword Tracker only supports tracking within the two major App Stores – Apple App Store & Google Play. If you want to track your organic search rankings on Google, you have to use a SEO tool (Search Engine Optimization Tool).

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