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Our all-in-one App Store Optimization tool was created to make your ASO workflow not only more efficient but also more effective. Add, manage, and analyze your app store listing and app locales in just a few clicks.

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Make faster updates with the right App Store Optimization tactics

App Store Optimization can be a tedious and time-consuming task. App Radar speeds up your App Store Optimization workflow and guarantees more effective app updates. Find the right keywords, get personalized tips, and then implement them in your next app update. You can do it all in App Radar.
  • Discover how optimized your app is
  • Add and manage app localizations
  • Replicate strategies that boosted app growth

How App Radar can help you

Get more results with less effort. App Radar helps you achieve an efficient and effective App Store Optimization workflow.

Discover how optimized your app is

Get a personalized App Store Optimization Score
Receive an App Store Optimization Score for your app store listings in different countries. App Radar scores your app from 1-100 based on how optimized it is.
Prioritize App Store Optimization issues to fix
App Radar prioritizes the App Store Optimization improvements you need to make. You'll get the App Store Optimization suggestions from lowest to highest priority. You'll always know where to begin.
Benefit from AI-powered App Store Optimization
App Radar gives you tailored App Store Optimization recommendations for each app locale. These recommendations are data-driven and AI-powered, guaranteeing results you want.

Add and manage app localizations

Expand your app's reach and go global
With a single click, you can expand your app's reach and go global. Find keywords in every language and auto-translate them into English with one toggle. Immediately add keywords to your new app store listings.
Focus on optimizing what matters
App Radar App Store Optimization tool has a Dashboard. It brings together all your app metrics so that you can quickly focus on improving the areas that influence your app store performance.
Publish directly to App Store and Google Play
Edit and optimize your app store listings for various countries in one page. When your App Store Optimization update is ready, publish the changes automatically to App Store Connect and Google Play Console.

Replicate strategies that boosted app growth

Identify which updates impacted app growth
Pinpoint the App Store Optimization updates you made that increased your app store rank and app conversions. Take note and more easily reproduce the results in the future.
Track your app analytics directly in App Radar
You can see your app analytics directly in App Radar, which makes keeping track of impactful updates a simple task. Identify changes that directly influenced app impressions, downloads, and revenue.
Stay ahead of the competition
See how often competitors update their app metadata and app screenshots. Determine if your app update cycle is keeping you ahead of the competition. Get notified 24 hours before your app is featured.

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