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A new superhero has joined the App Radar League, bringing a new feature for scaling up mobile user acquisition. ASO, Google Ads & Apple Search Ads are now united in App Radar! The new superpowers help you analyze your organic and paid user acquisition efforts and understand the correlation between both. Turn unified UA insights into actions with App Radar!
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Testimonial Degiro

Maik Nieuwboer, Senior SEA Specialist

"App Radar's ASO Tool is really helping me out! It's an easy platform to get insights and recommendations to improve our rankings."
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Juliane Besler, Marketing Manager

"It’s amazing how much time I’ve saved since I’m using App Radar. Thanks to the Bulk Editor feature, I can update our games’ store listings for several languages in just a few minutes."
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Alexander Marktl, CEO

"Rolling out your app to the world sometimes lets you lose sight of which markets to focus on. The App Radar Optimization Score really helps us keep an overview and set priorities."

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