The App Store Optimization Tool that Drives Growth

Attract more app store traffic and build a bigger user base. The all-in-one ASO tool, created with your mobile app growth in mind.

Track app keywords and app store ranking with App Radar's app store optimization tool

The App Store Optimization Tool Built for Your App Growth

The foundation of our App Store Optimization (ASO) tool is our extensive database, containing more than 10 million keywords and 1 trillion app market data points. Powered by in-house AI, our ASO tool constantly evolves with the rapidly advancing mobile app industry. You will always get the most reliable and accurate ASO recommendations and actionable next steps. App Radar brings you to the app growth you want.

What You Can Do with Our App Store Optimization Tool

daily keyword rankings

Daily Keyword Rankings

Smart Keyword Finder

Get high search volume app keywords

High Search Volume Keywords

Analyze app competitors

Competitor Analysis & Insights

AI Powered App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization Score and recommendations

App Optimization Score & Suggestions

App Listing & Localizations Quick Editor

App Update History

Weekly App Ranking Reports

app industry market insights

Data Driven Market Insights

get notified about app store features

App Store Feature Alerts

Google Play Console Integration

App Store Connect Integration

app ratings and reviews management

App Review Analysis & Management

Find Keywords and Track App Store Rankings

Get inspiration for new app keywords with App Radar app store optimization tool

Find keywords that drive traffic to your app

Discover highly searched keywords that are relevant to your app. Get keyword inspiration in different languages. Access our database of more than 10 million keywords.

Understand how each ASO update impacts your ranking and overall app growth.

See which keywords you are ranking for in Google Play and App Store. Identify when an ASO update triggers increases in app impressions, downloads, or revenue.

See how ASO updates affect app store rank and app growth
Find keywords your app is already ranking for

Identify the keywords your app is already ranking for

Find keywords that your app is already ranking for. Do the same for your competitors and gain insights into their keyword strategy.

  • Did you know?

    70% of mobile users use app store search to find new apps and 65% of all searches become downloads.

Uncover Your Competitors' ASO Strategies

compare app store ranking of competitors

see when competitor apps are featured in Google Play and Apple App Store

How You Benefit From App Radar

access App Radar's database of more than 10 million app keywords

Have exclusive access to our database of more than 10 million app keywords and rankings

App Radar supports your app success

Never feel stuck with ASO. Our expert team is here to support you and your growth.

get app growth results with app radar

Get more results with less effort. App Radar gives you an efficient ASO workflow.

Add, Manage, and Optimize App Localizations

Get an Optimization Score to see how well your app is optimized

Your app gets an Optimization Score in App Radar for every locale.
Use the score and AI recommendations to improve your ASO and app store ranking.

Improve app store optimization with AI recommendations and optimization score from App Radar

Save time and make changes to every app locale in one place

Make changes to your app store listing for all countries in App Radar.
Publish these changes directly to Google Play or App Store Connect.
Visualize which updates impacted app growth.

Edit app store listing and app localizations more efficiently with App Radar app store optimization tool

Plans and Pricing


For everyone who’s getting started with App Store Optimization


per month

This plan includes:
  • 2 apps
  • 3 competitors
  • 30 keywords
  • 20 replies to reviews


For startups and growing companies looking to acquire more users


per month

This plan includes:
  • 6 apps
  • 30 competitors
  • 300 keywords
  • 200 replies to reviews


For scaling businesses who want to further accelerate app growth


per month

This plan includes:
  • 20 apps
  • 200 competitors
  • 2500 keywords
  • Unlimited replies to reviews

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