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Ensure that your Apple Search Ad campaigns are performing at their best. Our system has indexed millions of app keywords and app store ads to provide you with the most data driven tools. Be a step ahead with Search Ads Intelligence.

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Increase Revenue with Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads are a highly effective way to gain new users and boost revenue. But without the right tools, there's a lot of guesswork involved. Our Search Ads Intelligence ensures that you are getting the data you need to run successful ad campaigns.
  • Analyze your Apple Search Ads performance
  • Harmonize paid and organic user acquisition
  • App Store advertising with our experts

How App Radar can help you

Set up efficient Apple Search Ad campaigns. Beat out the competition. Create App Store ad strategies based on accurate and reliable data.

Analyze your Apple Search Ads performance

Know your share of Ad Impressions
Ad spots are shared among all bidders. You want to have the highest share of ad impressions to get more users. Know exactly how often your Apple Search Ad is being shown with Share of Voice insights.
See who else is running Apple Search Ads
Easily see the keywords your competitors are running Search Ads on and the amount of ad bids they're placing. With Search Ads Inspector, identify competitors running ads on keywords relevant to you.
Focus on the right keywords
Low search volume keywords drive minimal to no traffic and waste your ad budget. With App Radar you'll always be able to check if the keywords you're running App Store ads on have high search volume.

Harmonize paid and organic user acquisition

Ensure continuous growth for your app
Growth spikes from paid user acquisition usually fall after the campaign end. By getting your Apple Search Ads and App Store Optimization strategies to work together, you'll ensure continuous growth.
Increase your organic App Store rank
Organic app store rank takes download velocity into account. By running paid campaigns, you are driving up your downloads. As a result, your organic rank, traffic, and downloads all increase too.
Boost brand awareness while gaining new users
The more people download your app, the more people talk about your brand. By gaining new users through paid methods, you also boost brand awareness and accelerate organic growth.

App Store Advertising with our experts

See which apps are leading their markets
With the Advertiser Score, you'll know if your competitors are running an aggressive Apple Search Ads campaigns. Determine who has the most ad spend for the highest search volume keywords in every country.
Let us run brand protection campaigns for you
Make sure that people who are looking for your app and brand actually find you. Our Apple Search Ad experts will ensure that your app is protected from aggressive competitor ads.
Become the top bidder for your Search Ads
When your Share of Voice is lower than that of your competitors, you need to rework your Search Ads campaign. Our team will help you define an ad strategy that increases your app's reach.

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