With App Radar Slack Integration you get daily information about your App Store rankings based on the keywords you used for your app. It helps you understand if/how your app can be found at the App Stores (Apple App Store and Google Play)

Follow the steps described below to set up this integration.

If you are new to App Radar, start with Step 1.
If you already have an App Radar account, jump over to Step 2.

Step 1: App Radar Setup

When you add the first keywords, the App Radar ASO Tool starts crawling the initial keyword set you entered. This may take a couple of minutes for the initial crawl. For every further day, it will show you the newest ranking position and ranking change.

Step 2: Connect Your Slack Account

You should receive an initial daily ranking report as soon as there was a change in your keyword rankings detected

If you have further questions, visit our contact form and drop us a line.