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Although visuals, as screenshots on your app page, do not directly affect the app ranking algorithms, they play an important role in App Store Optimization. Visuals are great factors in branding. Screenshots and short app videos give users an idea of what the app is about. Moreover, app icons play a major role in app branding. Having a great app icon is crucial, as it is the first thing a user sees of an app in store.

For ASO, this means having an appropriate icon and app page which quickly convince users to download the app, and will, implicitly, impact the app ranking as it simply gets downloaded more often.

Visuals on Google Play Store Page

Google Play Screenshots

Visuals on Apple App Store Product Page

Beneath App Name, Rankings and other textual data, the App Store product page can contain some different visual opportunities to give users an idea of your app.

App Store Screenshots & Visuals

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