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"Hey, this is Thomas, welcome to your tour! Feel free to browse around and learn which features can help you grow your mobile business sustainably."

— Thomas, Founder & CEO


Welcome To App Radar

In this Video series, I will show you how to get started with App Radar and how to optimize your apps. This way you will become a true master of App Store Optimization. 📱🔝

Learn how to analyze your app

Analyze your App's Performance

  • Check your Keyword Rankings
  • Find new Keyword Ideas with our Suggestions powered by AI
  • Check Keywords you are already ranking for and track them
  • Analyze your Competitors & find Keywords they rank for
  • Check your Top Chart Rankings for you & your Competitors

Learn how to optimize your Android or iOS apps

Optimize your App & Improve your Rankings

  • Create a new Version of your App & sync it with App Radar
  • Check your Optimization Score
  • Optimize your Localizations with customized Feedback
  • Follow Optimization Suggestions detected by our AI.
  • Make quick Changes across all Localizations with Quick Editor
  • Track your Changes & Updates with Changelog

Learn how stay up to date on your Ranking changes

Reporting & Monitoring your App's Performance

  • Set up E-Mail Reports with an overview of Keyword Rankings
  • Keep Track of your Visibility & Ranking Changes
  • Select the Frequency & Time for Reports to be send out

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