Level-up Organic User Acquisition

App Radar helps you advance UA via organic search optimization. Save time on editing app store listings and increase release cycles to attract players with the highest LTV.

Increase ROI - decrease workload

Organic user acquisition does not need to be tedious work. App Radar helps you get your job done and shows the results. Analyze visibility and edit app store listings all in one.

Hassle-free app management

No more switching between several tools for the same task. Manage all your app store listings for various platforms in one tool.

Organic User Acquisition for Games

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Analyze app store visibility

Does your player base find your app? Find out by exploring the most accurate ranking data in the industry. Monitor search & top charts rankings.

Optimize localizations at once

Are you tired of entering release notes for several languages one by one? Simply use the App Radar Quick Editor for editing app store listings.

Distribute with one click

Do you manage games on various platforms? Preparing app updates and distributing them to different stores is no longer tedious work.

Need more convincing? We can help!

Need more convincing? We can help!