How Arise increased its revenue by 4000% and reached top positions on the most competitive keywords

Posted in June 2018

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Being part of the health and fitness apps, Arise is facing huge competition in reaching their target group. This is how App Radar helped Arise to reach top positions on high priority keywords.

The Background: Calorie Counting App Facing Huge Competition

The intention of the calorie counting app Arise is to help its users lose weight and improve their health in a short amount of time. By creating a personalized diet plan, Arise helps and motivates them in reaching their goals. As almost any other app category, the calorie counting apps are facing huge competition in reaching their target group.

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The Challenge: Find a Strategy to Reach your Target Group

The challenge Arise was facing is that they did not know the best strategy to reach their target group in order to grow organic downloads and increase revenue. Arise needed to find a way to start ranking higher on targeted keywords. Without a strategy to reach the target group to get more downloads, it is hard for any app developer to outperform its peers and to prevent becoming a zombie app - apps that are almost impossible to find if not specifically searched for.

Doing ASO helped us to acquire more high-quality users. The customer retention rate is higher compared to users gained from paid advertisements - they download apps because they search for them, not just because they are constantly confronted with ads.

How App Radar Helped: Optimized Keyword Selection to Get High-Quality Users

The transparency provided by the tool helped Arise to understand what works best for the app to be more visible in the app stores and increase the app’s organic traffic.

The optimization score gave Arise strategic insights on how optimized the app currently is and where optimization potential lies. Suggestions on how the metadata can further be improved were displayed in form of an iterative checklist, which could be used by Arise to take action for optimization right away.

The Keyword Ranking feature helped Arise to see which keywords should be chosen in order to reach their target group and to get more organic downloads. They were able to see how well the app is performing in the top-charts and search results.

Over the last few months, we did some ASO experiments. App Radar helps us in finding out what works best so that we could dramatically increase our revenue.

The results: 4000% revenue increase

Without profound expert knowledge, Arise could start optimizing the app. Arise found a way that works best to acquire more organic downloads: Optimizing the metadata of the app helped Arise to significantly increase their app revenue by 4000% after 6 months of using the tool. By doing ASO, the app was able to score top positions on high priority keywords. The target group could be reached and the app has experienced a boost of organic traffic.

App Radar helped me reaching top positions on high priority keywords to boost my app's organic traffic and revenue significantly.

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