What Pokémon Go got right and wrong in terms of App Store Optimization

Posted in July 2016 by Nico Schweinzer

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With the massive success of Pokémon Go over the past couple of days, it’s hard arguing that Nintendo did anything wrong with their smash hit Pokémon Go. While we agree and applaud the record braking achievements so far, we have been feeding our self-made App Store Optimization Software App Radar with some data and curiously checked what we can find out about PKG.

One thing that immediately stroke us is that even though the Nintendo stock market price skyrocketed, the Pokémon Go App is not even ranked with the Keyword Nintendo in the US Store. Definitely room for improvement there!

On the other hand, they did think about the fact that quite some years passed since todays adults have been hunting Pokémons with their original Gameboys and that they might have forgotten how to spell the name of their once beloved game. You could say the same about kids that are new to Pikachu and Co.

Pokemon Go App Store Rankings App Radar

With that in mind, Pokemon Go isn’t only ranking #1 for the keywords “Pokemon Go”, “Pokemon” and “Pokemons” but “Pockemon” and “Pockemons” as well. As for their most famous characters, such as “Mew” or “Pikachu” they aren’t ranking at all. Same with the legendary catch phrase “catch ‘em all”.

With about 7.5 million U.S. downloads and an estimated $ 1.6 million daily revenue, the app already broke all records. This shows us how effective brand building over almost 20 years from now can be. Just imagine what could have happened if they also invested into App Store Optimization 😉

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