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Posted in February 2017 by Alex Peters

App Marketing

Despite Instagram’s huge growth in users in recent years, it is often overlooked as a marketing resource for app developers. With such an active and captive audience, an Instagram page can be an extremely effective tool for bringing new users to an app, especially for the launch date. Below we have outlined some tips aimed specifically at app developers who are looking to build up an engaged fanbase in the run up to launch, to help boost early downloads.

Post relevant but engaging images

When marketing an app, it is often tempting to post very functional photos explaining how the app works. However, this will not work on Instagram. Whilst these types of photos may be the most helpful, they certainly won’t be the most attractive and are unlikely to draw attention. Instead, consider high-quality images of users and videos that play on emotions. Comedic videos often work the best. Alternatively, try videos that show how the app will actually be engaged with by the user. Overall, the aim is to bring a personal feel to the app.

Instagram for App Marketing

Instagram allows just one single URL to be linked, at your profile page. By transforming your link into a short link (you can use for this purpose), the link appears a lot neater and your page looks less spammy. Also, you can use these services to track clicks which can be massively important in aiding the optimization of your Instagram strategy. With a small amount of monitoring, you will start to see patterns between the type of posts you are putting out and the number of people clicking through to your site.

A great idea when linking to your app, especially in the pre-release stage, is to build a mailing list. Host a mailing list form on your website and link to this page from your Instagram. By doing this, each person that visit your page can be transformed into a potential future user. In addition, without allowing people to sign up to a list your advertising strategy will seem disconnected. You can’t describe a new delicious sweet to somebody, then tell them that (a) they can’t have it now, and (b) you’re not even going to tell them when they can have it. They’ll just be disappointed. The same applies to apps – tempt them with a sweet then make sure you properly capture their attention by providing them with an avenue to register their interest, i.e. a mailing list!

Instagram Engagement


Finally, because Instagram can be a competitive environment, it is very important that you engage with other users. Your page will struggle to gain attention without you providing reason for users to visit the page. The best way to draw people to your page is to engage with them – go through content that is relevant to your app and that interests you and like photos, comment on photos and generally interact with other users. To save time, you can use an Instagram bot to aid with this process, but this isn’t a necessity.

Also, make sure to engage with users that comment on your own posts as well. These users are the most likely to actually sign up for your mailing list, so they’re the ones you should be targeting the most!

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