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Posted in July 2017 by Silke Glauninger

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Our developers and designer again did a great job together to further improve App Radar! After several cups of coffee, we are happy to show you the recently updated UX of App Radar. App Radar already got a lot of positive feedback for its intuitive usability, but we wanted to take things further. So, App Radar got a fresh makeover to make the handling of App Radar’s web interface even smoother. In this blog post, we show you what you can do with App Radar and where to find everything now. So, enjoy a virtual walk-through across the new App Radar.

Manage & track all your mobile apps and games in one place

App Radar is not an ordinary App Store Optimization tool. – It’s more than that! With App Radar, you can track your mobile keyword rankings for efficient App Store Optimization and manage the metadata and app store assets for your mobile game’s or app’s store appearance! Thus, in App Radar, you have all your app store rankings and app metadata for both, Google Play Store and Apple App Store in ONE place.

The recent UX improvements make it even easier to find the app you want to monitor or optimize in a clear app overview with filter and search functionality.

App Radar ASO Tool New User Interface – App and Games Overview

Improve your mobile app’s or game’s visibility in app stores

App Radar’s goal is to help app developers and marketers in App Store Optimization in order to improve their visibility in mobile app stores. Thus, the most important feature is keyword tracking.

App Radar ASO Tool New User Interface – Keyword Tracking

Within the ASO Tool module, you can track your specific keyword rankings. Navigate to the Ranking tab to see all exact keyword rankings for a particular point of time or the average of rankings per keyword in a given period of time. This view also shows you the popularity of a keyword, which indicates, how often, people use this term in search phrases within the App Store. The keyword ranking graph, as well as the Change metric, indicate how your rankings have changed through time.

Coming Soon: Mark keywords as favorites. For example to have a list of important keywords like brand name versions, which you want to track with more attentiveness.

Track how your app performs in app stores in comparison to your competitors

You can compare your keyword rankings with the position of your competitors by clicking on the triangle next to the app name. A drop-down menu will show up, where you can select a competitor app for detail view.

App Radar ASO Tool Switch to Competitors

The Manage Competitors tab lets you find new competitors and manage existing ones. If you have a particular app in mind, just search for the app name, app id or paste in an App Store URL to add it to your competitor list.

International keyword tracking & keyword research

You can define a keyword set consisting of up to 150 keywords for various languages in both stores. You have a separate keyword set for every country that you add to your App Radar project.

For example, even though, the main language in Austrian and German App Store is basically the same, your ranking for the same keyword can differ depending on whether people search for it in Austria or Germany. There is a similar issue with the different use of keywords in varying countries. For example, in US App Store, people will rather search for “color”, while as users in the United Kingdom might use “colour”. Thus, you want to track different keywords and search terms based on the store and language. This is why you have a drop-down menu for countries within the Manage Keywords tab.

App Radar ASO Tool – Keyword Tracking in various languages

Our last big update already brought the functionality of keyword suggestions and trending keywords. However, we would like to explain this to all new App Radar users and interested one’s here.

Trending Keywords will help you get started with keyword research. It shows you keywords with increasing demand in App Store. This is based on data from the Apple App Store and gives you a feeling of which search terms are the most popular ones at the moment.

Auto Suggestions helps you in finding long-term keywords. Simply start typing a word and get back several keyword suggestions holding this term. Then just click on relevant ones to add them to your keywords set. As these keywords represent commonly used search terms, it is recommendable to track how your app ranks for them.

Manage all your mobile games and apps for Google Play and Apple App Store

We already promised, App Radar is more than an ASO Tool. And that’s true. The second module available for App Radar Users is named Publisher and provides you with all functionality to edit, manage and prepare updates for publishing it to Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Manage your app locales for both Google Play Store and Apple App Store in one place

Everyone, who has to maintain, update and optimize many apps and games knows the struggle: managing a number of apps in a number of stores for a number of languages is a real time-eater! This is why we developed the Publisher module.

Here you can get an overview of all your locales and see the status of your metadata in each language. This is also, where you can request translations to improve the way you work with translators.

App Radar App Publisher – Add New Locale and Request Translations

When you have a license for both, the ASO Tool module and the Publisher module, you benefit from additional keyword information while editing your metadata. When you hover over an individual term in your keyword field, App Radar automatically searches for ranking keywords including this particular keywords. Thus, you know, which keywords you should keep in this field and which you have to optimize.

App Radar ASO Tool & App Publisher New Interface – Manage App Store Locales

Coming Soon: Additional ASO Tips and scores showing the status of your app regarding App Store Optimization best practices.

The fastest way to update your app store metadata

The Publisher module also lets you quick-edit app store metadata and export/import it to App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) or Google Play Console. To do so, simply navigate to the Quick Editor. Here you can bulk edit relevant metadata fields like App Name, Description, Short Description, Release Notes or Keywords.

App Radar Publisher Quick Editor for App Name, Description, Release Notes and Keywords

When you have everything ready, you can export your metadata version to App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) or Google Play Console by one click.

If you want to start afresh and to create a new app data draft, you could also import available data from App Store Connect (iTunes Connect). However, if you import your app data from App Store Connect (iTunes Connect), all your saved metadata in App Radar Publisher will be overwritten.

Get your free trial or schedule a demo

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