The Five Biggest App Marketing Mistakes to be Aware of

Posted in December 2016 by Sophorn Chhay

App Marketing

It’s important to stay aboard modern mobile app marketing strategies, but moving too quickly can bring new risks. To secure your mobile app’s launch, you need a well-trained marketing team. You also need awareness. Too many mobile app marketers sacrifice distribution for development, and they’re missing out on the mobile world’s biggest benefits.

To avoid the pitfalls of mobile app marketing, you need to identify them. Below, we target the biggest “problem areas” known to marketers. Take note of today’s biggest-costing mistakes, and make sure your strategy is fit enough to avoid them:

Pitfall One: Not Incorporating a Loyalty System

You might’ve developed an ironclad app, but you might be forgetting about retention. Mobile apps work incredibly well alongside SMS marketing platforms and 90 percent of SMS users subscribed to loyalty clubs consider the interaction beneficial.

App Marketing Pitfall Not Incorporating a Loyalty System
When tied into a mobile app, an SMS loyalty system can ensure long-term growth and development. Treat your app subscribers to digital coupons, free offers and in-app-only store discounts. By boosting the user’s benefits, your app can dominate several distribution channels at once. Remember: 90 percent of app users disappear after six months. Focus on retention.

Pitfall Two: Neglecting Your Social Media Game

It’ll also be ready to handle large audiences. A recent study reveals businesses and consumers both utilize social media. 88 percent of B2B marketers use LinkedIn, and another 88 percent use Facebook. 83 percent use Twitter, and 61 percent use Google+. Regardless of your app’s audience, it can benefit greatly from social media influencer representation.

Pitfall Three: Failing to Integrate with Multimedia

The viral video world is booming, and app marketers failing to recognize its potency are failing to distribute. Make sure your mobile app is fully incorporating multimedia, and hop aboard an automated MMS service. Click-to-call buttons, viral videos, interactive media and trending photos should all fuel your app distribution campaign.

Mobile App Marketing Mistake no Instagram
Don’t forget about your Instagram feed, your Vimeo stream or your YouTube channel. While mobile apps rarely succeed from mobile web promotion alone, multimedia channels are promotional powerhouses.

Pitfall Four: Neglecting the Mobile Website

Your brand should already have a mobile website. If it doesn’t, however, you can still take advantage. Boost your mobile app’s relevance via on-site promotions, and intimately link your e-commerce presence to your app’s benefits. In doing so, you can ensure a user-friendly app experience guaranteed to boost purchasing power. Buyers don’t download apps because they look cool. They download them because they want benefits. Make your app inseparable from your mobile website, and tie in exclusive e-commerce offers for loyal users.

Pitfall Five: Disregarding Privacy

Smartphone security has come a long way, but consumers are still worried about privacy. Your mobile app should ensure watertight protection, and any app-hosted mobile payments should utilize the industry’s best encryption software. There’s a reason smartphone users answer 90 percent of texts, and there’s a reason they open them within three seconds. SMS is a highly secure environment. Your mobile app needs to be similarly secure.

App Marketing Pitfall Privacy
The consumer’s protection should always come first. A well-protected mobile app won’t only survive distribution—it’ll thrive in it. In every channel, link to your app’s full-fledged buyer support, and discuss your platform’s benefits to consumers. Over time, buyers themselves will promote your mobile app. If you’ve undergone quality control, and if you’ve developed a truly useful mobile app, your fans will take care of the rest.

What’s Next?

What do you think of what I’ve covered so far? What app launching pitfalls have you experienced? I would love to read your comments below.

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Sophorn Chhay
Sophorn is the marketing guy at Trumpia, the most complete SMS software with mass text messaging, smart targeting and automation.

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