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Posted in March 2017 by Silke Glauninger

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Do you know how your app performs in Indian, Australian or Russian app stores? Now you can find out in any case! App Radar ASO Tool got a new update. We extended the supported country list and just added Russia, Australia, and India. That means you can now localize your app rankings in Russian, Australia and Indian App Store and Google Play Store.

International keyword localization with App Radar ASO Tool

To help you localize your app in different languages, we are regularly expanding our supported country list. Recently, we added Portugal and Brazil to enable the most accurate tracking and research for Portuguese Keywords. Now, India, Australia, and Russia is also ready for you to use in the ASO Tool!

App Radar ASO Tool Country Support List-2

If you are new to App Radar, just sign up for a 100% free 14-day Trial with unlimited feature access.

Effects for App Radar ASO Tool Users

So, what does this update mean for App Radar ASO Tool Users? Registered ASO Tool users can add all available supported countries to get access to localized keyword rankings, get long-term keyword suggestions and trending keyword suggestions in the appropriate language, based on user queries and app store recommendations.

In specific, the recent update unlocks the following functionality for logged-in App Radar ASO Tool users:

  • Get localized Keyword Rankings for Russian, Australian and Indian Google Play Store and Apple App Store
  • Enhance your Keywords Set with English and Russian keywords
  • Get Englisch Keyword Suggestions for Indian and Australian apps*
  • Get Russian Keyword Suggestions for Russian apps
  • See and use Russian and English Trending Keywords in Apple App Store India, Australia and Russia

* You will also receive ranking statistics for Hindi search terms

If you are not sure how to make use of this or how to access these functionalities, head over to the article “How to Localize Your Keyword Rankings with App Radar”. In this blog post, you will find an image-based tutorial how to add a new country and appropriate keywords in App Radar ASO Tool.

App Radar ASO Tool Add Country Localization Australia

Accurate Data for Useful Insights

We fully focus on providing you the most accurate app store data available. Thus, we refer to REAL data from local devices. So, the insights we gain, stem from direct queries to Apple App Store and Google Play Store instead of calculated estimations and keyword translations. This not only continuously extends our huge keyword database but provides you with real and accurate data, you won’t get in other tools.

As the quality of our data is a top priority, we can only expand the language support step by step. If you can’t find your country in App Radar ASO Tool yet, don’t worry – more countries are coming soon. However, you can still effectively optimize your app for all preferred languages in App Radar Publisher in the meantime.

If you are not sure which countries we already fully support in App Radar ASO Tool, here is a summary list:

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Brazil
  • Russia
  • India
  • Australia

Why Localize Keyword Rankings?

Internationalization is a crucial success factor for App Store Optimization. By offering your app in several markets for several languages, enlarges your potential user base. Localizing keywords is central to ensure, that your app is found by users abroad.

Moreover, localization increases the visibility of your app in app stores. Localization enhances the number of keywords, which your app is ranking for. So, the more keywords you optimize your app meta-data for, the higher will be the overall findability in app stores. When your app ranks for a larger number of search queries, it will, in turn, result in a higher number of downloads.

App Radar ASO Tool Keyword Rankings India

Except that, users will be more likely to download your app if they understand what is said in the app description, title and screenshots. So, make sure to get everything out of your app store page to unleash the full potential of your app.

Visit the App Radar Dashboard and check out if users in India, Australia and Russia can find your app!

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