App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) Screenshot Sizes for iPhone and iPad

Posted in March 2016 by Thomas Kriebernegg

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Getting your screenshots right for App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) can really be a challenging task. Not only do you need to have different sizes in your mind you also need to be very organized to make this workflow as smooth as possible.

To help you mastering this workflow we created a downloadable cheat sheet of the different screenshot sizes and their link to the different iOS devices. It also is a checklist for you to be sure that you don’t forget to create all different screenshots for your iPhone and/or iPad app.

App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) Screenshot

First of all, it is important to know that App Store screenshots can only be changed when you upload a new version of your app. You can manage your App versions within App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) ( under the section “My Apps”.

App Store Connect (iTunes Connect) My Apps

Within the settings of your currently prepared version you will find the following screenshot sizes:
Screenshot SizesThis list covers all mobile iOS devices starting from the first iPhone (not sure if anybody is still using it to download apps? :]) up to the iPhone 6 Plus and every version of the iPad.

App Store Screenshot Sizes for iPhone

When it comes to App Store screenshot sizes, you soon will find out that they can really be frustrating to create. One process to make the creation a little bit smoother where you don’t have to take screenshots on every resolution is to use an iPhone frame within your screenshots. This makes it a little bit easier to produce at scale.

3.5 Inch (iPhone & iPhone 3): 640 x 960 px
4 Inch (iPhone 4+5): 640 x 1136 px
4.7 Inch (iPhone 6): 750 x 1334 px
5.5 Inch (iPhone 6 Plus): 1242 x 2208 px

App Store Screenshot Sizes for iPad

Since the release of the iPad Pro there’s a separate screenshot size for the iPad Pro too. The good news is that these sizes are in the same ratio. Therefore we recommend starting with the iPad Pro screenshots because you can easily downscale them to the size of the iPad screenshots.

iPad (9.7 + 7.9 Inch): 2048 x 1536 px
iPad Pro (12.9 Inch): 2732 x 2048 px

App Store Screenshot Sizes Cheat Sheet Download

Looking for an easy to use summary of the different screenshot sizes? Feel free to download our free App Store Screenshot Sizes Cheat Sheet.

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