How You Can Get Rid of One of the Most Annoying Tasks in ASO

Posted in June 2018 by Silke Glauninger

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When we ask app marketers what they hate most about ASO, they usually tell us about the annoying side-tasks. Managing translations for various app store localizations, tediously examining tons of keyword data and staying on top of app versions and changes in valuable app store metadata. 

All those things can be troublesome but need to be dealt with when doing App Store Optimization on a professional level. That’s why many app marketers keep record of previous app name versions, keywords and more within spreadsheets or similar. 

Forget about spreadsheets. All the activity and effort spent on ASO you can now track while preparing app updates.

New useful ASO Feature - App Radar Changelog to track app information changes

We take our mission seriously: Helping you boosting the organic visibility of your mobile games and apps with less effort. But make you achieve great effects.

That’s why we’ve added another time-saving feature to App Radar. 

The App Information Changelog Feature is now available

App Radar’ Changelog automatically creates app information snapshots for you while you push new app versions to Google Play or App Store Connect via App Radar’s unified interface.

This is how the Changelog saves you valuable time

This way, you have all changes on app information documented continuously without having to take notes separately in countless keywords and app information spreadsheets. 

App Radar Changelog Feature Just Released

This allows you to see when you’ve last changed which piece of app information and what exactly you’ve edited. It basically works like a streamlined feed of changes, that you can even filter by a time frame, keywords or localizations.

Why you need to use this new feature 

Your app’s keyword rankings dropped after you’ve finally published the latest app version. You know you made some changes on the app store copy, but what was your previous app name again? And what place was the keyword you kicked out of the keywords field?

You can’t remember, right?

And if you can tell,  you for sure spent unnecessary time on manually documenting this. 

Stop that! Work efficiently and concentrate on the important things instead: getting your mobile app in front of the right users! 

For example, when you’re preparing a new ASO update, easily check, which keywords you’ve already used but kicked out of the app title.

Using the Changelog, you can avoid optimizing for the same bad-choice keywords again and again.

How to access this new feature

If you’re already a user of our platform, you can access the Changelog Feature in your App Radar account. It’s available for every plan. Please however note, that in order to push app updates to App Store Connect or Google Play, you’ll need to establish a connection by linking a valid developer account to your App Radar profile.

No App Radar account so far? No problem. You can make use of all features already in your free 14-day trial though. Find a full list of features here.

P.S. Just make sure you have a new app version prepared to publish in the next 2 weeks in order to get the best feeling of App Radar.

Not familiar with App Radar yet? Here’s what our all-in-one ASO platform is about.

In contrast to other “ASO Tools”, App Radar helps you stop wasting time on tedious ASO tasks. It gives you the power to manage and analyze your apps and mobile games for every platform in one place.

This helps app marketers cut user acquisition costs and decrease the time wasted on tiresome tasks by up to 90%.

Check out this 30-second video to get a sneak peek of how App Radar supports you throughout the whole App Store Optimization workflow.

Silke Glauninger
Silke is Marketing Manager at App Radar. When not writing about app marketing, you can find her looking for new places to explore or watching series with a cup of tea and chocolate.

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