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How to Get Your App Ready for Christmas

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Genie is the Marketing Manager at App Radar. She drives exciting in-house campaigns and collaborations to get the word out about app marketing and growth strategies.

Christmas is a popular time for consumer-spending. This trend is not restricted to retail, it also applies to mobile apps and games!

People are getting new phones as gifts and sharing games to play around the dinner table. Research shows that from Black Friday to after Christmas, app downloads experience a spike.

To ensure that you get a slice of that app growth pie, you need to make sure your app is ranked high in the app stores and converting well. That way consumers can easily find your app as they are searching for that fun game or new shopping app while cozying up fireside with their friends and family.

So, how to make the most out this holiday season?

1. Add Seasonal Keywords

During this time of the year, people search for holiday-related keywords (seasonal keywords). Depending on what kind of app you have, you can take advantage of that and place them in your listing.

If you are still rather new to the app stores, don’t go for highly popular keywords like “Christmas gifts” straight away. Rather focus on keywords with less competition and lower difficulty score – you are far more likely to rank for those. Online tools like App Radar can provide such insights and help you with your choice.

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Shopping apps are known to profit a lot from seasonal keywords. But even if you have a game, targeting long tail keywords such as “holiday game for children” can still be a good idea. Think about the functionalities of your app and try to get creative.

2. Adapt your visuals to the Holiday season

During this time of the year, people are usually feeling festive. Your store visuals can help you get some extra attention if they reflect that.

You can add a temporary Christmas theme to your store listing as well as update your icon, screenshots or videos. It might be as simple as adding a few snowflakes & Christmas trees emojis to your app title.

An example for holiday-themed app screenshots. A good way to get your mobile app noticed this christmas
An example for holiday-themed app screenshots

3. Special Offers & Notifications

The holidays are also a perfect time to share the love with your already loyal users.

You can treat them by adding a special promo code that unlocks more functionalities of your app or offers discounts for your in-app purchases. The more personal the offer, the better.

A great way to inform them about your holiday promotion is through in-app messages or push notifications. If you are not a fan of special offers, you can still connect with your users by simply wishing them happy holidays. Just remember that less is more when it comes to push notifications. Don’t overdo it.

4. Make sure to submit your app & updates in time

If your app is available in the Apple app store, you should ensure that all your releases are submitted, approved and scheduled before the annual holiday shutdown. This year the store is closed from Dec 23 to Dec 27.

That means that you will be able to use the App Store Connect functionalities as usual, but any app updates and new apps will not go live during this time.

That is why you should also avoid scheduling any price changes or go-lives for your app during this period. Otherwise, your app will not even be available for users, meaning you will have completely missed the holiday app download rush!

Looking Ahead for Christmas 2019

It is predicted that app spendings will exceed last year's and reach an all-time high this Christmas. Now you have all the information to make the most out of it this profitable time for app marketers & developers.

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Genie is the Marketing Manager at App Radar. She drives exciting in-house campaigns and collaborations to get the word out about app marketing and growth strategies.
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