How to Advertise Your App with Low Budget

Posted in June 2017 by Elisa Mourão

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You launched an app, ok, what’s next? How are you going to advertise it? Advertisements are so expensive, but the users are not going to come out of anywhere. The good news are: there are several ways to advertise with a low budget! We did a research and made a list with the most efficient ones that you should apply in your app marketing plan right now.

Make use of Social Media

Social Media for App Marketing is necessary. Through your profiles, you are going to have followers and they are potential of your clients. But the efforts do not stop there. After creating your page, you have to engage your audience, so, you should chat with them, post frequently, make use of trending topics, etc. A good option is to do a contest or giveaway, this is will not only engage even more your fans but also will make them share your content, bringing more traffic to your page.

Social media a good option for low-budget app advertising

Spending some money in social media is advisable. The organic posts are good, but paid posts and campaigns are really cheap and have a higher reach than the organic ones. Experiment with carousels showing your app, present your product to the social media community. Ads on social media give you the possibility of choosing a niche of age, interests, local, making them even more efficient.

Create a Blog or Website

You need a way to feed the social media profiles. We can also help you with that. Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress are all free platforms where you can customize and post information about your app and things related. It is important to have a link to send to your clients whenever they have questions or want to know where to find information about your app. In addition, these platforms give you the possibility to include social buttons. Hence, people can share your content in social media profiles, advertising your app and content for free.

App Advertising – Create a Blog or Website

Creating a blog is a good idea, but showing up on other blogs is also a plus. Search for a variety of blogs that have your target audience. Look for blogs that have already established a community. By doing this, you are going straight to the gold mine, building your audience in the right place. Furthermore, you can see Backlinks as a non-direct ASO factor as they help your app packs rank better in Google Search results.

Technology Review Websites

Many websites do daily reviews of new technologies and apps. Search for them and ask them to write a review about your app. Many times, they will charge you a low fee. Ask how many visitors they have a day to see if it is worth the money. If so, this is also a cheap way to get straight to your target audience. This strategy will help you share content in your social media profiles and blog, showing that your app has credibility.

Optimize your App Listing and Metadata

As App Store Search is the most common way, people look for apps, App Store Optimization is a must for every App Marketing strategy. At its basic, it is not only for free but the most efficient way to grow your app users. As App Store Optimization focuses on organic downloads, it stabilizes your app’s download stream and increases the ROI.

Hence, regularly adapt your keyword strategy in app description, keyword field or app title, optimize your app icon, feature graphic and make sure, your app screenshots and preview video sells your product.

If you think, App Store Optimization is too much effort, App Radar, gives you the full package of keyword and asset optimization features. It helps you with keywords suggestions and daily reports to know where you are on the rank of the chosen keywords. Further, it lets you adapt and prepare your metadata and app listing for regular app updates in all countries with less time effort. Like this, you can easily work on your App Store Optimization.

App Advertising is a must-do for App Marketing

Do it yourself

Create videos and campaigns that are original and that explain your app. Your potential client has to understand what your product is about in order to download it. So think outside the box. Create content and do offline actions; go to physical spaces where your target audience is to promote your app; do a photo shooting that explains the concept of your brand and app, etc.

Make use of teasers

It is interesting to make a teaser website to collect mailing. This will help you to have the right contacts of people who you will be able to e-mail when your app is released. Maybe it is even an option to e-mail them with a bonus for having subscribed on your teaser website.


Search for vloggers and bloggers or podcasts that have an influence on your audience. If it is not a celebrity, many times they will advertise for you for a minimum exchange of efforts. Sometimes you can give their listeners a voucher, or can add a banner of their channel in your app. There are a lot of possibilities of agreements. Search for a list of influencers and check which one is the best choice.

Influencers might help advertising an app for low budget

Apply for Awards and Contests

Probably it is the most expensive option within everything that we mentioned before. However, if you have a good app, you might get awards, which will definitely pay off. This means money, credibility, and even free advertising. Thus, take a look at what is happening around you, make sure you have an amazing app that fits perfectly for the chosen contest, and go for it!

Elisa Mourão
Elisa graduated in Communication at PUC-Rio (Brazil) and has a Master Degree in Screen Culture by University of Roehampton (UK). Even though she is the Brazilian cliché born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, she loves visiting cold places.

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